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Community Outreach/Preventive Health Center












Charles Dassance,PhD


Central Florida Community College











Project Title:

Community Outreach/Preventive Health Center

Date Submitted:

2/9/01 12:11:28 PM












Anna Cowin














Statewide Interest:

Serves as a health awareness/education center; clinical training, provides preventive care.













Central Florida Community College


Charles Dassance, PhD


3001 S.W. College Road

Contact Phone:

(528) 542-3221 311



Ocala 34474































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








There is a void in Ocala,  Marion County,  in accessible health programs or preventive care. Currently CFCC students provide some preventive care to children in the area. The Community Outreach Prevention Center will offer training in health education fields and in records management, also health screenings and sponsor a teen pregnancy preventive model.  There are numerous local partners supporting this effort. UF has agreed to locate their dental program in this facility. There are no local or private dollars for this project, but there are matching federal funds available through the Dept. of Commerce in the amount of $1.5 million. Contact: Willie Taylor(404) 730-3032. All in-kind will be in the form of service resources once the center is constructed.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






1)More trained health and records management 2)An increase in healthcare provided to residents who are non-or under-insured, the working poor 3) Preventive health encourages a healthier workforce and productive citizens 4) Reduction in teen pregnancy 5) Close a gap in the need for adequate healthcare and accessibility to education.











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United Way Community Needs Assessment: West Ocala Revitalization Council:Designated Weed and Seed











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Marion County Legislative Delegation


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