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Youth Intervention & Diversion Program












Sheriff Ken Mascara


St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office











Project Title:

Youth Intervention & Diversion Program

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 12:27:17 PM












Ken Pruitt














Statewide Interest:

Reduction in the number of juveniles entering the Juvenile Justice System













St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office


Christine Epps


4700 W Midway Rd.

Contact Phone:

(561) 462-3316



Ft. Pierce 34981

















Indian River, Martin, St. Lucie














Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








The Youth Intervention & Diversion Program is to prevent and reduce violent offenses of those youth that are at greatest risk of becoming involved and/or further involvement in the juvenile justice.  The program serves youth in St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River County who have been arrested for the first time for assualt, battery and/or domestic violence.  Additionally, the program serves youth who have witnessed or been a victim of a violent act, are exhibiting early signs of violent behavior in school or at home, have been involved in DCFS, have parents or siblings incarcerated, have a low reading level, live in single parent home, have substance abuse and mental health problems and/or live in a high crime neighborhood.  These youth are at high risk of becoming a violent offender.  The program is a collaborative effort between the St. Lucie Sheriff's Office, Indian River Substance Abuse Council, Family Preservation Inc., St. Lucie County Boys & Girls Club, Department of Juvenile Justice, and the State Attorney's Office.  The strength and success of this program is that it provides holistic services to youth ages 10-17 including conflict resolution counseling, academic tutorial, community service, shock education, recreation and individual and family counseling.  Participating youth receive 12 weeks of direct services, approximately 8-10 hours each week.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






80% of youth shall remain crime free six months after release from the prevention services; 80% of youth enrolled in the program shall not be arrested during non-school hours while participating in the program; 90% of youth participating in the program shall not be arrested for crimes involving violence while participating in program; 50% of youth who successfully completed the program shall remain involved in the Boys & Girls Club or other community based youth development program; 80% of all program participants who successfully completed the program shall not have any violent offenses for 1 year; 70% of all program participants who successfully completed the program shall increase their overall school attendance.











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