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East Indian River County Master Stormwater Plan












Caroline Ginn


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East Indian River County Master Stormwater Plan

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2/7/01 2:36:17 PM












Bill Posey














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Reduction in volume and loading will restore water quality and bio-diversity of estuary.













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The Indian River Lagoon ecosystem provides immeasurable economic benefits to Indian River County.  In 1999 Indian River County initiated a conceptual plan to address the enormous amount of freshwater and stormwater runoff discharged into the Indian River Lagoon.  The Indian River Farms Water Control District (IRFWCD), representing over 50,000 acres, discharges over 100,000,000 gallons of untreated water into the Lagoon each day.  When rainfall occurs, this volume is increased tremendously by untreated stormwater runoff.  This immense quantity of discharge and pollutants has detrimentally impacted over fifteen (15) miles of Indian River County's twenty-two (22) mile portion of the Lagoon and continues to degrade the Lagoon daily.  In fact, this section of the Lagoon is the second most polluted segment of the entire Lagoon system.

The first Phase of a Master Plan Study to reduce the pollution into the Lagoon, recharge the shallow aquifer, provide water for farmers and others, and ultimately, increase the overall economic health of the county, has begun.  Phase 1 will target the areas of the Main and South Relief Canals, and Phase 2 will expand the system to the North Relief Canal and the major north/south lateral canals.  An integrated stormwater treatment, storage, and recharge/reuse system will be created.  Besides addressing discharge and recharge/reuse issues, the unique stormwater facilities will incorporate educational accommodations, wildlife habitat, and passive and active parks connected by greenways and bike paths along the canal rights-of-ways, providing tremendous multi-use opportunities for the public.













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The integrated stormwater treatment, storage, and recharge/reuse facilities will incorporate Best Management Practices (BMPs) and restoration techniques within the IRFWCD watershed.  Degraded wetlands will be rehabilitated and new wetlands will be created.  The system will utilize wetland plants in a unique way to treat polluted stormwater while providing a usable byproduct and excellent educational opportunities for the public.  A valuable resource, stormwater and freshwater will be stored in aquifer recharge areas and will also be reused for public, private, and commercial operations.

Huge amounts of sediments, metals, nutrients, pesticides, and other pollutants associated with large urban and agricultural areas are transported into the Lagoon each day by IRFWCD's canal system.  (Note that freshwater in the form of groundwater runoff into the IRFWCD canals is also polluting the Lagoon, reducing its salinity.)  This unique integrated pollution removal system will remove an estimated 70 percent of these pollutants on a yearly basis.  The impact this will have on the Lagoon knows no confines.  Who can place an economic value on a crystal clear Lagoon system that is currently a turbid, degraded dumping ground for millions of gallons of untreated stormwater and freshwater flows and the pollutant loadings they carry?

Additionally, the project will help to implement future TMDL's applied to the central IRL system.











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