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State Evacuation Shelter and Emergency Management












Mayor Samuel Brown


City of Lauderdale Lakes











Project Title:

State Evacuation Shelter and Emergency Management

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 4:16:47 PM












M. Mandy Dawson














Statewide Interest:

This project supports the Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement for Emergency Services.













City of Lauderdale Lakes


Stanley Hawthorne


4300 NW 36th Street

Contact Phone:

(954) 535-2740



Lauderdale Lakes 33319































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








This project involves the acquisition of a defibrillator to be stationed at the Boyd Anderson High School state designated emergency shelter and the acquisition of an emergency services temporary antenna to assist with emergency management obligations as required under the State of Florida Mutual Aid Agreement. The City of Lauderdale Lakes is responsible for the management of a State of Florida designated Emergency Evacuation Shelter and for the effective management of emergency and evacuation personnel under the State of Florida Mutual Aid Agreement.   Services to the emergency evacuation shelter located at Boyd Anderson High School are provided in the event of a declaration of a State of Emergency or mandatory evacuation ordered by the State of Florida governor?s office.  This request addresses the unique population, which utilizes that shelter.  Over one-third of the City population is above 55 years of age and average household incomes are low.  A characteristic of combined lower incomes and advanced age is weakened health and immune systems.  This proposal requests acquisition of a defibrillator to be stationed at the shelter to address the increased probability of heart rhythm irregularities which accompany high stress events.  Additionally, the current communication system for emergency management is at risk during high wind events.  The tower holding the current antenna has become structurally weakened due to age and wear.  A cheaper alternative to tower replacement is a temporary antenna.  The City requests assistance in acquiring an emergency services temporary antenna to be raised by ladder truck after a high wind event. This $40,000 will assist the City in discharging its Mutual Aid Agreement responsibilities.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






24 hour availability of a defibrillator at Boyd Anderson High School from the point of  Gubernatorial announcement of a state of emergency or mandatory evacuation until such time as the announcement is retracted; A diagnostic response time of not longer than two minutes to any complaint of heart rhythm irregularity or any indication of same at Boyd Anderson High School during mandatory evacuations;  Restoration of wireless emergency management communications within fifteen minutes of the lose of the primary antenna.











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City of Lauderdale Lakes' City Commission


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