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Southeast Florida Park Deficiency Remediation












Mayor Samuel Brown


City of Lauderdale Lakes











Project Title:

Southeast Florida Park Deficiency Remediation

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 5:54:29 PM












M. Mandy Dawson














Statewide Interest:

This project promotes the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and State Trailways plans.













City of Lauderdale Lakes


Stanley Hawthorne


4300 NW 36th Street

Contact Phone:

(954) 535-2740



Lauderdale Lakes 33319































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








This project is a capital outlay request for the purchase of rapidly diminishing park space in a substantially under served urban area. The population of Broward County has grown to 1.5 million within the past few years and vacant land has become sparse.  Broward County?s Comprehensive Land Use Plan establishes that a minimum of three acres per one-thousand residents is needed to address quality of life concerns.   Following this standard, the City of Lauderdale Lakes needs a minimum of 84 acres.  The City is deficient 61 acres (73%).  The Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) recognizes multiple critical recreation needs which are unmet in Broward County and which this project would address as a priority.  The newly redistricted Broward County has nine districts of approximately equal populations of 161,000.  Of these districts only District 9 does not have a Regional Park and none has been recommended despite the recently approved $400,000,000  ?Broward County Safe Parks Bond.?  A single mill creates only $621,790 for the City, so the City?s ability to remedy this deficiency by itself is limited.  The State, County, and City?s expressed interests in providing sufficient park space, appropriate recreational opportunities and ensuring quality of life standards are addressed by this proposal.  The City has identified 48 contiguous acres of generally vacant land in District 9 of Broward County which it would very much like to see acquired and developed as park space.  Support for the Broward Park Bond was approved in Lauderdale Lakes by a much higher margin than elsewhere in the County.  The City has held public hearings for park land acquisition for a neighborhood park, which received overwhelming support.  The City included this recommendation in its conceptual City-wide park plan which was well received.  The City Commission held a public hearing on this recommendation in conjunction with a resolution supporting the Broward Park Bond and held a public hearing on this request as part of the Community Budget Issue Request process.  This strongly supported project serves multiple State, County, and City goals and addresses substantial park and recreational deficiencies in densely urban Southeastern Florida (as identified in the State?s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan).  This project additionally promotes goals of the State of Florida?s Greenways and Trails program as it will adjoin a connectivity network of local schools, governmental facilities, social services facilities, and one of the City?s two current parks.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






48 additional acres of park land; 20% increase in athletic program participation; An average of three hours a day will be dedicated to non-programmed use of the current neighborhood park facilities; creation of new pedestrian access to park land for 1,000 single family homes; creation of an endangered marsh bird preservation area; Remediation of  SCORP identified deficiencies including: 1) creation of  three multipurpose fields,  2) creation of a new 1800 square foot playground, 3) creation of 1 new hiking trail,  3) creation of at least 1 new pavilion and picnic area and 4) creation of outdoor courts.











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State Comprehensive Oudoor Recreation Plan; Broward County Land Use Plan











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City of Lauderdale Lakes' City Commission


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