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Transportation for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment and Supported Employment Services












Duane Zimmerman


Lakeside Alternatives, Inc.











Project Title:

Transportation for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment and Supported Employment Services

Date Submitted:

2/27/01 10:16:40 AM












Buddy Dyer














Statewide Interest:

Supports state goals: Reduce the need for welfare and treat the vulnerable mentally disabled.













Lakeside Alternatives, Inc.


Stephen Hill


434 W. Kennedy Boullevard

Contact Phone:

(850) 656-3100



Orlando 32810

















Orange, Seminole














Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








Using a small fleet of vans (8-10) to be purchased by Lakeside Alternatives, Inc., Lakeside will use the requested funds to develop and operate a transportation system in Orange and Seminole Counties which will transport approximately 700-800 clients at least once weekly to and from mental health and substance abuse treatment and supported employment programs throughout the two county area.  In addition to transportation to and from outpatient treatment sites, the Project will provide clients with the training and skills needed to gain and maintain self-sufficient employment.  The client will recieve training in how to look for a job, communicate more effectively with an employer, how to interview with potential employers and how to identify thier unique strengths and weaknesses.  The project will also provide eligible clients with medication management assistance and will train employers in how to deal with disabled employees in the workplace.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The goal of Lakeside Alternatives, Inc. is to facilitate access to appropiate treatment for all ADM TANF clients and provide them with the skills necessary to obtain or maintain employment.  In order to reach this goal, Lakeside Alternatives, Inc. intends to monitor the following outcomes:

- A decrease in the percentage of ADM TANF clients on the roles for public assistance.

- An increase in the percientage of clients receiving mental health/substance abuse services based upon referrals made.

- A decrease in the number of "no shows" for appointments.

Lakeside will also comply with all relevant outcome measures required by the Department fo Children & Families for this Project.












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Transp. For disabled clients in Florida is a well documented longstanding statewide issue.











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Orange County Legislative Delegation


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