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Mental Health Overlay Services at Osceola Regional Detention Center












Duane Zimmerman


Lakeside Alternatives, Inc.











Project Title:

Mental Health Overlay Services at Osceola Regional Detention Center

Date Submitted:

2/27/01 10:17:09 AM












Buddy Dyer














Statewide Interest:

Supports state goal: Close treatment gap & improve services in the justice system













Lakeside Alternatives, Inc.


Stephen Hill


434 W Kennedy Boulevard

Contact Phone:

(850) 656-3100



Orlando 32810































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








Provide an overlay of mental health and substance abuse services, psychiatric services and crisis assessment to the Osceola Regional Detention Center.  Provide 2 masters level clinicians to perform assessments, crisis counseling, individual/group therapy and staff training.  Provide 5 substance abuse counselors to perform psycho educational groups and counseling.  Staff the Center with a licensed psychiatrist to provide services 2 hours weekly, and provide an on-call counselor so that there is coverage within 24 hours for a crisis assessment.

Services will include:

-Psychiatric diagnosis and evaluation

-Medication Management

-Suicide screening and assessment

-Psycho educational Groups

-Individual mental health treatment

-Crisis intervention/Counseling

-Substance abuse counseling and psycho educational groups

-Assistance with discharge planning

-Reporting of monthly statistics on number of referrals to mental health counselors.  Number of clients triaged (for emergency); number of clients who participated in formal screenings; number of clients admitted to crisis unit; number of clients placed in specialized detention center mental health unit; number of clients moved out of unit to general population; number of clients seen by psychiatrist and other needed or requested statistics.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






95% of Juveniles referred will be assessed within 24 hours.  Less than 10% of referred juveniles will be admitted to CCSU Childrens Crisis Stabilization Unit and fewer critical incidents will be reported at the Center.











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Juvenile Justice Detention Programs Report, 9/98, Issue 26











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Osceola County Commission


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