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Improvements to the City of Quincy Potable Water Source












City of Quincy


Gadsden County











Project Title:

Improvements to the City of Quincy Potable Water Source

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 12:06:34 PM












Alfred Lawson














Statewide Interest:

Govr designated GC as area of critical economic state concern, USDA designates as champion community













The City of Quincy


Willie Earl Banks


404 West Jefferson Street

Contact Phone:

(850) 627-7681 228



Quincy 32353































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








The City of Quincy currently operates a 54 year-old water plant that draws surface water from the Quincy Creek is subject to dry weather periods, which make it impossible for the City to increse its consumptive use withdrawal permit from the Northwest Florida Water Mangement District.  Without increased water supplies, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will not allow additional connections to the system, thereby limiting future growth in Quincy.  Additonally, the Quincy Creek is located in a heavily utilized agricultural area, creating the potential for pollution from normal agricultural practices.  Urvan run -off into the Creek also creates a potential hazard of pollution into the drinking water.

The City of Quincy wishes to supply a more stable water source for its citizens and regional water customers and has developed a project to acquire land and construct 4 wells, chlorinating equipment, and a water main to the existing storage tanks.  Additionally, the existing storage tanks would be upgraded to siphon the water into the city's water distribution system.  The current operating plant would be closed.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The project would ensure a safe and dependable water supply system for citizens of Quincy and regional water customers.  Additonally, it will resolve a recurring water quality violation.











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Quincy 1999 Water Facilities Plan, Quincy Evaluation and Appraisal Report, letters & a memorandum











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The City of Quincy City Commission


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