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Five County Soil Survey Update












H. Marcus Edwards


Gadsden Soil & Water Dist.











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Five County Soil Survey Update

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2/14/01 12:22:27 PM












Alfred Lawson














Statewide Interest:

Mothers Pre-natal Care, Florida REACH; Waters Affecting Gadsden County













Gadsden County, Gadsden Soil & Water Conservation District


H. Marcus Edwards


2140 W Jefferson Street

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(850) 875-7255



Quincy 32351































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Government Entity
















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The Soil Survey for Gadsden County involves developing a detailed soil map. To produce this map, data is collected by taking soil cores on a grid basis.  The survey would be performed by professional soil scientist over a five-year frame.  A certified digitized survey for those users who would need soil data is a Geographical Information System included. 

It is critically important for our state's citizens to have accuragte and in-depth knowledge of their soils.  The wrong identification of soils, or misinformation about soils, has a very real possibility of negatively impacting our environment.  Soil and water management go hand in hand. Improper soils management could be harmful to streams, creeks, ponds, lakes and the Florid Aquifer. Gadsden County is bordered on the East by the Ocholochnee River and on the West by the Apalachicola River.  These waters flow into the Gulf of Mexico through Ocholochee River Bay at Panacea, and also through the Apalachicola River Bay at Apalachicola and East Point. These waters effect our state's commercial seafood industry, tourist industry, and sport fishing. Because the proper management of soild is impossible without a good soil survey, this projectneeds to be implemented immediately for today's needs and for future generations who are dpeneding upon this generation to make the right steps in protecting our state's natural resources.












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Whether it's an agency trying to protect our drinking water, someone needing to install a septic tank drain field, a builder needing to prepare the correct foundation for a shopping mall or four lane highway, a farmer making crop management decisions, or someone deciding what variety of tree to plant, an accurate up-to-date survey is a must.











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