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Gateway 2001












Sherrie Taylor


Children Are Our Future, Inc.











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Gateway 2001

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 1:41:51 PM












Alfred Lawson














Statewide Interest:

For community center that offers parenting, computer technology, intervention and prevention classes













Shery Taylor


Marsha Fitzgerald


62 Lonnie Road

Contact Phone:

(850) 663-4631



Quincy 32351































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The mission of Children Are Our Future, Inc. when founded in 1993 was to provide educational activities during non-school hours (after school and summer months) for children and their families.  Today, continuing its original mission, Children Are Our Future strives to preserve the future of our families through various educational and intervention and prevention programs.


Children Are Our Future have offereed computer technology, academic tutorial, cultural awareness, Drug and Gang Awareness, health education, abstinence education, and life coping skills to over 2900 families since 1993.  This program has been an accessible and innovative tool to the Gadsden County communities.


Beginning February 2001, Children Are Our Future will implement a physical activity program funded by the Department of Health.  This program is designed to prevent cardiovascular disease amont African-Americans and other ethnic races.  This program will be located in seven sites throughout Gadsden County (Havana Heights, Parkview manor, Flint Garden, Gadsden Arms, City of Quincy Parks and Recreation, City of Chattahoochee Parks and Recreation and St. Thomas Catholic Church).


It is our goal to provide full service community centers at the seven sites listed above.  The community centers will assist children and their families with community needs, i.e. academic tutorial, GED Preparation Courses, computer technology, job training, parenting training, behavior management, abstinence education, and other requested needs from citizens












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






1) At least 30% of the participants will increase at least one academic grade level through regular attendance in the tutorial program (subjects-Reading, PCAT Skills, Florida Write Skills)

2)  Through the intervention and prevention activities, there will be at least a 25% reduction in juvenile crimes and discipline referrals at school.

3)  There will be at least a 30% reduction in teen pregnancy.

4)  There will be at least a 30% reduction in domestic violence.

5)  An increase of 25% in literacy across the targeted areas.

6)  There will be at least 15% increase in economic development (employment)












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