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Passage Way Aftercare Project












Randy Croy


Serenity House of Volusia











Project Title:

Passage Way Aftercare Project

Date Submitted:

2/12/01 5:03:30 PM












James King














Statewide Interest:

Improved prevention & treatment svcs for substance abuse & mental health client













Serenity House of Volusia


Randy Croy


308 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.

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(904) 258-5050 16



Daytona Beach 32114































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Private Organization
















Project Description:








Serenity House proposes to implement a pilot project which incorporates recommendations of the Office of Drug Control Policy, the Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association, and the Department of Children and Families Substance Abuse Program Office.  The project, "Passage Way Aftercare Project," provides a series of residential, case management, and counseling services which will insure that high risk substance abusers have successful outcomes after completing treatment.  Specifically, the program will serve 96 substance abusers who have completed intensive residential or outpatient treatment and require transitional assistance to maintain the progress achieved during treatment.  The essential service components which will ensure maintenance of treatment gains include sober housing, aftercare counseling, relapse prevention/intervention, employment assistance, and urinalysis monitoring.

Two transitional living facilities, monitored and supervised by program staff, allow clients to stabilize in the community and translate the skills learned in treatment to the natural environment.  Staff will be assigned to each facility to ensure that clients are employed, accountable for their family and personal responsibilities, and remain drug free.  There will be immediate intervention for clients experiencing a relapse event.  Support for psychiatric, medical, dental, and transportation services will be available through a "voucher" program for clients with special needs.  A research component is included in the program design to analyze and report pre-treatment and post-treatment costs and client outcomes.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Projected pre-treatment vs. post-treatment outcomes for the first year of operation include: Increase days employed by 50%; increase client income by 70%; decrease arrest rates by 50%; decrease use of illicit drugs by 50%; decrease emergency room admissions by 50%; decrease reliance upon public assistance by 75%.











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Volusia&Flagler statistics re local treatment need;Office of Drug Control 1999 Rpt











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Volusia Co. Legislative Delegation


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