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Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park












Jon Kurtz


Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park Authority, Inc.











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Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park

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2/14/01 1:41:45 PM












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Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park Authority,Inc.


Jon Kurtz


203 E. Silver Springs Boulevard

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This project was considered for funding by the Legislature during the 2000 Session.  There are two major differences between the request for funding last year and this year.  Last year the total project cost was anticipated to be as much as $30,000,000 and there was no local match.  This year, the total cost of the project is $6,000,000 (see page 9 of revised Business Plan attached) and there is a $3,000,000 local match.  The project has been scaled back to better fit with today's tight budget constraints and the Marion County Commission has approved $3,000,000 in funding for the project, contingent upon state funding in the same amount.  Additionally, a private fund raising effort is underway and substantial private contributions are expected in the near future.


The Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park will contain 600 stalls, an outdoor arena and show ring, seating for approximately 4,000, and an education center.  The attached business Plan will provide a detailed description of the project, along with a line item constriction budget, site plan, and future operating budgets.


In summary, the concept of the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park has been under consideration for six years since the 500-acre site was secured from old Cross Florida Barge Canal properties.  This is the first year that the budget request reflects a significant local match.  There is little doubt that the Central Florida area and the State as a whole will benefit from the economic impact generated by this needed facility.












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An economic feasibility analysis conducted in December 1999 indicates that the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park will generate $82,000,000 annually in direct and secondary impact on Florida's economy and will create 925 jobs as well as bring in $4,800,000 annually in state and local taxes.  This analysis was based upon the larger, much more expensive facility.  Since the project has been dramatically reduced in scope, one would have to anticipate the positive economic impact, job creation,and taxes paid will not remain at the level identified in the analysis.  An update of this component of the feasibility analysis may well be needed to clearly define the benefit of the new, smaller project.  However, there definitely will be a positive economic impact, jobs will be created, and taxes will be generated as well.  We hesitate to predict exact numbers until the new, smaller facility and its impact can be reviewed.











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