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Modeling of Long -Term Environmental Impacts Resulting from Water Withdrawls












Gene Molnar, Chairman


Lake County Water Authority











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Modeling of Long -Term Environmental Impacts Resulting from Water Withdrawls

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 12:04:50 PM












Anna Cowin














Statewide Interest:

Water Quality and natural system improvement to a highly degraded chain of lakes system.













Lake County Water Authority


Michael J. Perry, Executive Director


107 North Lake Ave.

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(352) 343-3777



Tavares 32178-1429































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Government Entity
















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South Lake County's Lakes and Aquifier are experiencing record lows.  In general, lake elevations are over two and a half feet below the modeled 100- year drought elevations.  This would indicate that the water levels have been depleted far beyond even a 200-year drought.  As a result, major portions of the Palatlakaha River are completely dry and the Clermont Chain has been reduced to shallow isolated lakes.  Many other lakes in the area are over 6 to 8 feet below the normal water elevations. Public access and recreation has essentially been eliminated and there is a tremendous potential impact to the natural aquatic systems.  Substantial public interest has been expressed regarding the relative impact resulting from surface and ground water withdrawls.  The existing water supply planning model will only predict future impacts from additional water withdrawls. However, the existing model is not capable of determining the impacts that have already occured.  The Lake County Water Authority ,in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey, will develop a model for South Lake County that is calibrated to recent surface water elevations and Florida aquifer pressures. The model will then be adjusted to remove existing groundwater withdrawls to our aqatic resources.  Based on these findings, local, regional, and state governmental agencies would be able to mitigate for any impacts and prevent further ecological damage.












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Improved water quality; acres of native emergent wetland vegetation;acres of restored shoreline habitat.











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SJRWMD 2010 Water Supply Plan











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