Community Budget Issue Requests - Tracking Id #2818
The Salvador Dali Museum - relocation
Requester: Dr. Charles Henri (Hank) Hine, Director Organization: The Salvador Dali Museum
Project Title: The Salvador Dali Museum - relocation Date Submitted 1/14/2005 2:55:29 PM
Sponsors: Sebesta
Statewide Interest:
The Dali Museum is a unique cultural and economic development asset that draws hundreds of thousands of tourists, students and Florida residents every year. The collection of Salvador Dali art is valued in the range of $300-$400 million. The current location and design of the building place this collection in jeopardy if a hurricane were to strike the Tampa Bay region. In order to preserve this unique asset for future generations, it must be moved to a safer location, with a hurricane-hardened facility.
Recipient: The Salvador Dali Museum   Contact: Dr. Charles Henri (Hank) Hine, Director  
  1000 Third Street South   Contact Phone: (727) 823-3767  
  St. Petersburg 33701   Contact email:  
Counties: Pinellas
Gov't Entity:   Private Organization (Profit/Not for Profit): Yes
Project Description:
The Dali Museum requires a new facility in order to protect its collection from potential hurricane damage and to better serve its visitors. Its current single-story building is located on land leased form the City of St. Petersburg until 2072 and is adjacent to the USF St. Petersburg campus. USFSP would like to acquire the Dali building and site to provide for University growth. The City believes the economy of the region will benefit if the Museum is relocated downtown, and will provide a premium site where the museum may construct a new building. State assistance is requested to provide building funds directly to the Dali Museum for these efforts.
Is this a project related to 2004 hurricane damage? No
Measurable Outcome Anticipated:
Protection and enhancement of a cultural and economic development asset.
Amount requested from the State for this project this year: $4,000,000
Total cost of the project: $32,800,000
Request has been made to fund: Construction
What type of match exists for this project? Local, Private, Federal
  Cash Amount $23,800,000   In-kind Amount $9,000,000
Was this project previously funded by the state?   No
Is future-year funding likely to be requested?   Yes
  Amount: $4,000,000 To Fund: Construction
Was this project included in an Agency's Budget Request?   No
Was this project included in the Governor's Recommended Budget? No
Is there a documented need for this project? No
Was this project request heard before a publicly noticed meeting of a body of elected officials (municipal, county, or state)?   Yes
  Hearing Body: Pinellas County Legislative Delegation
  Hearing Meeting Date: 12/09/2004
Is this a water project as described in Section 403.885, Laws of Florida?   No