Community Budget Issue Requests - Tracking Id #684
Information and Referral
Requester: Rev. Ernest T. Andrews, Executive Director Organization: Goulds Coalition of Ministers & Lay People, Inc.
Project Title: Information and Referral Date Submitted 1/14/2005 9:33:09 AM
Sponsors: Larcenia Bullard
Statewide Interest:
The Goulds Coalition of Ministers & Lay People, Inc. will be able to increase its services more than 50% to serve the growing population in South Dade County. Because of the increasing need for affordable housing, child care, job leads and case management the Coalition will be able to fulfill its mission for the total community concerns.
Recipient: Goulds Coalition of Ministers & Lay People, Inc.   Contact: Emma Teresa Miller  
  10705 SW 216 Street #214   Contact Phone: (305) 259-3321  
  Goulds 33170   Contact email:
Counties: Dade
Gov't Entity:   Private Organization (Profit/Not for Profit): Yes
Project Description:
The request is for $250,000.00 to support the operations of the Goulds Coalition of Ministers & Lay People, Inc. in Goulds, FL. This organization provides information and referrals to community residents, partners, and local government as it relates to education/schools, child care, housing, legal services, job training and placement, clothing, emergency food, mental health, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS services, and provide counseling and case management support to local and transient residents.
Is this a project related to 2004 hurricane damage? No
Measurable Outcome Anticipated:
The Coalition would expand our scope of services. We believe we will triple the amount of services to the local and transient clients served.
Amount requested from the State for this project this year: $250,000
Total cost of the project: $250,000
Request has been made to fund: Operations
What type of match exists for this project? None
  Cash Amount $  
Was this project previously funded by the state?   No
Is future-year funding likely to be requested?   Yes
  Amount: $250,000 To Fund: Operations
Was this project included in an Agency's Budget Request?   No
Was this project included in the Governor's Recommended Budget? No
Is there a documented need for this project? No
Was this project request heard before a publicly noticed meeting of a body of elected officials (municipal, county, or state)?   No
Is this a water project as described in Section 403.885, Laws of Florida?   No