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January 20, 2021
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The Florida Statutes

The 2007 Florida Statutes

Title IX
Chapter 106
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Chapter 106, Florida Statutes 2007



106.011  Definitions.

106.021  Campaign treasurers; deputies; primary and secondary depositories.

106.022  Appointment of a registered agent; duties.

106.023  Statement of candidate.

106.025  Campaign fund raisers.

106.03  Registration of political committees.

106.04  Committees of continuous existence.

106.05  Deposit of contributions; statement of campaign treasurer.

106.055  Valuation of in-kind contributions.

106.06  Treasurer to keep records; inspections.

106.07  Reports; certification and filing.

106.0701  Solicitation of contributions on behalf of s. 527 or s. 501(c)(4) organizations; reporting requirements; civil penalty; exemption.

106.0703  Electioneering communications organizations; additional reporting requirements.

106.0705  Electronic filing of campaign treasurer's reports.

106.0706  Electronic filing of campaign finance reports; confidentiality of information and draft reports.

106.071  Independent expenditures; electioneering communications; reports; disclaimers.

106.075  Elected officials; report of loans made in year preceding election; limitation on contributions to pay loans.

106.08  Contributions; limitations on.

106.082  Commissioner of Agriculture candidates; campaign contribution limits.

106.087  Independent expenditures; contribution limits; restrictions on political parties, political committees, and committees of continuous existence.

106.09  Cash contributions and contribution by cashier's checks.

106.11  Expenses of and expenditures by candidates and political committees.

106.12  Petty cash funds allowed.

106.125  Credit cards; conditions on use.

106.14  Utilities; deposits; prior authorization.

106.1405  Use of campaign funds.

106.141  Disposition of surplus funds by candidates.

106.143  Political advertisements circulated prior to election; requirements.

106.1435  Usage and removal of political campaign advertisements.

106.1437  Miscellaneous advertisements.

106.1439  Electioneering communications; disclaimers.

106.147  Telephone solicitation; disclosure requirements; prohibitions; exemptions; penalties.

106.1475  Telephone solicitation; registered agent requirements; penalty.

106.15  Certain acts prohibited.

106.16  Limitation on certain rates and charges.

106.161  Air time available at the lowest unit rate.

106.165  Use of closed captioning and descriptive narrative in all television broadcasts.

106.17  Polls and surveys relating to candidacies.

106.18  When a candidate's name to be omitted from ballot.

106.19  Violations by candidates, persons connected with campaigns, and political committees.

106.191  Signatures gathered for initiative petition; effect of ch. 97-13.

106.21  Certificates of election not to be issued upon conviction.

106.22  Duties of the Division of Elections.

106.23  Powers of the Division of Elections.

106.24  Florida Elections Commission; membership; powers; duties.

106.25  Reports of alleged violations to Florida Elections Commission; disposition of findings.

106.26  Powers of commission; rights and responsibilities of parties; findings by commission.

106.265  Civil penalties.

106.27  Determinations by commission; legal disposition.

106.28  Limitation of actions.

106.29  Reports by political parties; restrictions on contributions and expenditures; penalties.

106.295  Leadership fund.

106.30  Short title.

106.31  Legislative intent.

106.32  1Election Campaign Financing Trust Fund.

106.33  Election campaign financing; eligibility.

106.34  Expenditure limits.

106.35  Distribution of funds.

106.353  Candidates voluntarily abiding by election campaign financing limits but not requesting public funds; irrevocable statement required; penalty.

106.355  Nonparticipating candidate exceeding limits.

106.36  Penalties; fines.