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August 7, 2022
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The Florida Statutes

The 2006 Florida Statutes

Title IX
Chapter 104
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Chapter 104, Florida Statutes 2006



104.011  False swearing; submission of false voter registration information.

104.012  Consideration for registration; interference with registration; soliciting registrations for compensation; alteration of registration application.

104.013  Unauthorized use, possession, or destruction of voter information card.

104.031  False declaration to secure assistance in preparing ballot.

104.041  Fraud in connection with casting vote.

104.045  Vote selling.

104.047  Absentee ballots and voting; violations.

104.051  Violations; neglect of duty; corrupt practices.

104.0515  Voting rights; deprivation of, or interference with, prohibited; penalty.

104.061  Corruptly influencing voting.

104.0615  Voter intimidation or suppression prohibited; criminal penalties.

104.0616  Absentee ballots and voting; violations.

104.071  Remuneration by candidate for services, support, etc.; penalty.

104.081  Threats of employers to control votes of employees.

104.091  Aiding, abetting, advising, or conspiring in violation of the code.

104.101  Failure to assist officers at polls.

104.11  Neglect of duty by sheriff or other officer.

104.13  Intermingling ballots.

104.15  Unqualified electors willfully voting.

104.16  Voting fraudulent ballot.

104.17  Voting in person after casting absentee ballot.

104.18  Casting more than one ballot at any election.

104.185  Petitions; knowingly signing more than once; signing another person's name or a fictitious name.

104.19  Using stickers or rubber stamps or carrying certain items in voting booth; penalty.

104.20  Ballot not to be seen, and other offenses.

104.21  Changing electors' ballots.

104.22  Stealing and destroying records, etc., of election.

104.23  Disclosing how elector votes.

104.24  Penalty for assuming name.

104.26  Penalty for destroying ballot or booth, etc.

104.271  False or malicious charges against, or false statements about, opposing candidates; penalty.

104.29  Inspectors refusing to allow watchers while ballots are counted.

104.30  Voting system; unlawful possession; tampering.

104.31  Political activities of state, county, and municipal officers and employees.

104.32  Supervisor of elections; delivery of books to successor.

104.39  Witnesses as to violations.

104.41  Violations not otherwise provided for.

104.42  Fraudulent registration and illegal voting; investigation.

104.43  Grand juries; special investigation.