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August 24, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Title XII
Chapter 185
Municipal Police Pensions
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Chapter 185, Florida Statutes 2001



185.01  Legislative declaration.

185.02  Definitions.

185.03  Municipal police officers' retirement trust funds; creation; applicability of provisions; participation by public safety officers.

185.04  Actuarial deficits not state obligations.

185.05  Board of trustees; members; terms of office; meetings; legal entity; costs; attorney's fees.

185.06  General powers and duties of board of trustees.

185.061  Use of annuity or insurance policies.

185.07  Creation and maintenance of fund.

185.08  State excise tax on casualty insurance premiums authorized; procedure.

185.09  Report of premiums paid; date tax payable.

185.10  Department of Revenue and Division of Retirement to keep accounts of deposits; disbursements.

185.105  Police and Firefighters' Premium Tax Trust Fund.

185.11  Funds received by municipalities, deposit in retirement trust fund.

185.12  Payment of excise tax credit on similar state excise or license tax.

185.13  Failure of insurer to comply with chapter; penalty.

185.16  Requirements for retirement.

185.161  Optional forms of retirement income.

185.162  Beneficiaries.

185.18  Disability retirement.

185.185  False, misleading, or fraudulent statements made to obtain public retirement benefits prohibited; penalty.

185.19  Separation from municipal service; refunds.

185.191  Lump-sum payment of small retirement income.

185.21  Death prior to retirement; refunds of contributions or payment of death benefits.

185.221  Annual report to Division of Retirement; actuarial valuations.

185.23  Duties of Division of Retirement; rulemaking authority; investments by State Board of Administration.

185.25  Exemption from tax and execution.

185.30  Depository for retirement fund.

185.31  Municipalities and boards independent of other municipalities and boards and of each other.

185.34  Disability in line of duty.

185.341  Discrimination in benefit formula prohibited; restrictions regarding designation of joint annuitants.

185.35  Municipalities having their own pension plans for police officers.

185.37  Termination of plan and distribution of fund.

185.38  Transfer to another state retirement system; benefits payable.

185.39  Applicability.

185.50  Retiree health insurance subsidy.

185.60  Optional participation.