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December 9, 2023
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The Florida Statutes

The 2002 Florida Statutes

Chapter 320
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Chapter 320, Florida Statutes 2002



320.01  Definitions, general.

320.0104  Legislative intent with respect to implementation of chapter.

320.011  Administration and enforcement; rules.

320.015  Taxation of mobile homes.

320.02  Registration required; application for registration; forms.

320.023  Requests to establish voluntary checkoff on motor vehicle registration application.

320.025  Registration certificate and license plate or decal issued under fictitious name; application.

320.03  Registration; duties of tax collectors; International Registration Plan.

320.031  Mailing of registration certificates, license plates, and validation stickers.

320.04  Registration service charge.

320.05  Records of the department; inspection procedure; lists and searches; fees.

320.055  Registration periods; renewal periods.

320.06  Registration certificates, license plates, and validation stickers generally.

320.0601  Rental car companies; identification of vehicles as for-hire.

320.0605  Certificate of registration; possession required; exception.

320.0607  Replacement license plates, validation decal, or mobile home sticker.

320.0609  Transfer and exchange of registration license plates; transfer fee.

320.061  Unlawful to alter motor vehicle registration certificates, license plates, mobile home stickers, or validation stickers; penalty.

320.0655  Permanent license plates for governmental entities and volunteer fire departments.

320.0657  Permanent registration; fleet license plates.

320.0659  Permanent registration of trailer for hire and semitrailers.

320.07  Expiration of registration; annual renewal required; penalties.

320.0705  Semiannual registration or renewal for certain vehicles.

320.0706  Display of license plates on trucks.

320.071  Advance registration renewal; procedures.

320.0715  International Registration Plan; motor carrier services; permits; retention of records.

320.072  Additional fee imposed on certain motor vehicle registration transactions.

320.08  License taxes.

320.08001  Electric vehicles; license tax.

320.0801  Additional license tax on certain vehicles.

320.0802  Surcharge on license tax.

320.0803  Moped license plates.

320.08035  Persons who have disabilities; reduced dimension license plate.

320.0804  Surcharge on license tax; transportation trust fund.

320.08046  Surcharge on license tax; General Revenue Fund.

320.08047  Voluntary contribution for organ and tissue donor education.

320.08048  Sample license plates.

320.0805  Personalized prestige license plates.

320.08053  Requirements for requests to establish specialty license plates.

320.08056  Specialty license plates.

320.08058  Specialty license plates.

320.08062  Audits and attestations required; annual use fees of specialty license plates.

320.0807  Special license plates for Governor and federal and state legislators.

320.081  Collection and distribution of annual license tax imposed on the following type units.

320.0815  Mobile homes and recreational vehicle-type units required to have appropriate license plates or stickers.

320.0821  Wrecker license plates.

320.083  Amateur radio operators; special license plates; fees.

320.084  Free motor vehicle license plate to certain disabled veterans.

320.0841  Free motor vehicle license plates to members of Seminole and Miccosukee Indian Tribes.

320.0842  Free motor vehicle license plates to veterans who use wheelchairs.

320.0843  License plates for persons with disabilities eligible for permanent disabled parking permits.

320.0845  License plates for members of Paralyzed Veterans of America.

320.0848  Persons who have disabilities; issuance of disabled parking permits; temporary permits; permits for certain providers of transportation services to persons who have disabilities.

320.086  Ancient or antique motor vehicles; "horseless carriage," antique, or historical license plates.

320.0863  Street rods; license plates.

320.087  Intercity buses operated in interstate commerce; tax.

320.089  Members of National Guard and active United States Armed Forces reservists; former prisoners of war; survivors of Pearl Harbor; Purple Heart medal recipients; special license plates; fee.

320.0893  Motor vehicle license plates to recipients of the Medal of Honor.

320.0898  Emergency service special registration plates; fee; penalty.

320.091  Vehicles held in trust; license plates.

320.10  Exemptions.

320.105  Golf carts and utility vehicles; exemption.

320.13  Dealer and manufacturer license plates and alternative method of registration.

320.131  Temporary tags.

320.1325  Registration required for the temporarily employed.

320.133  Transporter license plates.

320.14  Fractional license tax.

320.15  Refund of license tax.

320.17  Classification of vehicles and mobile homes and assessment of license tax by department.

320.18  Withholding registration.

320.19  Tax lien; enforcement.

320.20  Disposition of license tax moneys.

320.23  Taxes declared compensatory.

320.26  Counterfeiting license plates, validation stickers, mobile home stickers, cab cards, trip permits, or special temporary operational permits prohibited; penalty.

320.261  Attaching registration license plate not assigned unlawful; penalty.

320.27  Motor vehicle dealers.

320.271  Used cars; removal of registration license plates.

320.273  Reinstatement of license of motor vehicle dealers.

320.275  Automobile Dealers Industry Advisory Board.

320.28  Nonresident dealers in secondhand motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, or mobile homes.

320.30  Penalty for violating s. 320.28.

320.31  Definitions covering ss. 320.28 and 320.30.

320.37  Registration not to apply to nonresidents.

320.371  Registration not to apply to certain manufacturers and others.

320.38  When nonresident exemption not allowed.

320.39  Reciprocal agreements for nonresident exemption.

320.405  International Registration Plan; inspection of records; hearings.

320.406  Estimate of amount of tax due and unpaid.

320.407  Suits for collection of unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest.

320.408  Departmental warrant for collection of unpaid taxes and penalties due from motor carriers.

320.409  Tax lien on property.

320.411  Officer's sale of property or franchise.

320.412  Department to furnish certificate of liens.

320.413  Discontinuance or transfer of business; change of address.

320.414  Restraining and enjoining violation.

320.415  Authority to inspect vehicles and seize property.

320.416  Cooperation of other state agencies in administration of law.

320.417  Foreclosure of liens.

320.51  Farm tractors and farm trailers exempt.

320.525  Port vehicles and equipment; definition; exemption.

320.535  Airport vehicles and equipment; definition; exemption.

320.57  Penalties for violations of this chapter.

320.571  Failure of person charged with misdemeanor under this chapter to comply with court-ordered directives; suspension of license.

320.58  License inspectors; powers, appointment.

320.60  Definitions for ss. 320.61-320.70.

320.605  Legislative intent.

320.61  Licenses required of motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, importers, etc.

320.615  Agent for service of process.

320.62  Licenses; amount; disposition of proceeds.

320.63  Application for license; contents.

320.64  Denial, suspension, or revocation of license; grounds.

320.6403  Distributor agreements; obligations of manufacturer and importer.

320.6405  Franchise agreements; obligations of manufacturer and its agent.

320.641  Discontinuations, cancellations, nonrenewals, modifications, and replacement of franchise agreements.

320.6415  Changes in plan or system of distribution.

320.642  Dealer licenses in areas previously served; procedure.

320.643  Transfer, assignment, or sale of franchise agreements.

320.644  Change of executive management control; objection by licensee; procedure.

320.645  Restriction upon ownership of dealership by licensee.

320.664  Reinstatement of license.

320.67  Inspection of books or other documents of licensee.

320.68  Revocation of license held by firms or corporations.

320.69  Rules.

320.695  Injunction.

320.696  Warranty responsibility.

320.697  Civil damages.

320.6975  Procedures and remedies applicable to distributor agreements.

320.698  Civil fines; procedure.

320.699  Administrative hearings and adjudications; procedure.

320.69915  Severability.

320.6992  Application.

320.70  Penalties for violation.

320.701  Applicability of ch. 84-69.

320.71  Nonresident motor vehicle, mobile home, or recreational vehicle dealer's license.

320.77  License required of mobile home dealers.

320.771  License required of recreational vehicle dealers.

320.781  Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Protection Trust Fund.

320.822  Definitions; ss. 320.822-320.862.

320.8225  Mobile home and recreational vehicle manufacturer's license.

320.823  Establishment of uniform mobile home standards.

320.8231  Establishment of uniform standards for recreational vehicle-type units and park trailers.

320.8232  Establishment of uniform standards for used recreational vehicles and repair and remodeling code for mobile homes.

320.824  Changes and modifications of standards.

320.8245  Limitation of alteration or modification to mobile homes or recreational vehicles.

320.8249  Mobile home installers license.

320.8255  Mobile home inspection.

320.827  Label; procedures for issuance; certification; requirements.

320.8285  Onsite inspection.

320.830  Reciprocity.

320.831  Penalties.

320.832  Legislative intent.

320.8325  Mobile homes and park trailers; tie-down requirements; minimum installation standards; injunctions; penalty.

320.833  Retention, destruction, and reproduction of records; electronic retention.

320.8335  Disclosure of manner used in determining length of mobile homes.

320.834  Purpose.

320.835  Mobile home and recreational vehicle warranties.

320.836  Presenting warranty claim.

320.837  Warranty service.

320.838  Civil action.

320.839  Cumulative remedies.

320.840  Liquidated damages.

320.861  Inspection of records; production of evidence; subpoena power.

320.862  Revocation of license held by firms or corporations.

320.865  Maintenance of records by the department.

320.90  Notification of consumer's rights.

320.95  Transactions by electronic or telephonic means.