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April 27, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Chapter 636
Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations
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Chapter 636, Florida Statutes 2001



636.002  Short title.

636.003  Definitions.

636.004  Applicability of other laws.

636.005  Incorporation required; exceptions.

636.006  Insurance business not authorized.

636.007  Certificate of authority required.

636.008  Application for certificate of authority.

636.009  Issuance of certificate of authority; denial.

636.012  Continued eligibility for certificate of authority.

636.0145  Certain entities contracting with Medicaid.

636.015  Language used in contracts and advertisements; translations.

636.0155  Language used in contracts and marketing materials.

636.016  Prepaid limited health service contracts.

636.017  Rates and charges.

636.018  Changes in rates and benefits; material modifications; addition of limited health services.

636.019  Additional contract contents.

636.0201  Genetic information restrictions.

636.022  Restrictions upon expulsion or refusal to issue or renew contract.

636.023  Charter; bylaw provisions.

636.024  Execution of contracts.

636.025  Validity of noncomplying contracts.

636.026  Construction of contracts.

636.027  Delivery of contract.

636.028  Notice of cancellation of contract.

636.029  Construction and relationship with other laws.

636.032  Acceptable payments.

636.033  Certain words prohibited in name of organization.

636.034  Extension of benefits.

636.035  Provider arrangements.

636.036  Administrative, provider, and management contracts.

636.037  Contract providers.

636.038  Complaint system; annual report.

636.039  Examination by the department.

636.042  Assets, liabilities, and investments.

636.043  Annual, quarterly, and miscellaneous reports.

636.044  Agent licensing.

636.045  Minimum surplus requirements.

636.046  Insolvency protection.

636.047  Officers' and employees' fidelity bond.

636.048  Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; suspension of enrollment of new subscribers; terms of suspension.

636.049  Administrative penalty in lieu of suspension or revocation.

636.052  Civil remedy.

636.053  Injunction.

636.054  Payment of judgment by prepaid limited health service organization.

636.055  Levy upon deposit limited.

636.056  Rehabilitation, conservation, liquidation, or reorganization; exclusive methods of remedy.

636.057  Fees.

636.058  Investigative power of department.

636.059  Unfair methods of competition, unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined.

636.062  Appeals from the department.

636.063  Civil liability.

636.064  Confidentiality.

636.065  Acquisitions.

636.066  Taxes imposed.

636.067  Rules.