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House Bill 9231
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House Bill 9231

Florida House of Representatives - 1997 HR 9231 By Representative Rodriguez-Chomat 1 House Resolution 2 A resolution in memory of Jose D. Villalobos 3 and proclaiming August 27, 1997, as "Lolo" 4 Villalobos Day. 5 6 WHEREAS, Jose D. Villalobos, affectionately known as 7 "Lolo," was born in Jaruco, Cuba, on August 27, 1913, the son 8 of Plutarco Villalobos Marquez, a figure of strong 9 conservative ancestry, and his wife, Amelia Olivera Gutierrez, 10 and 11 WHEREAS, Jose D. Villalobos, with his gregarious spirit 12 and jovial, easygoing manner, formed many friendships during 13 his early years which would provide loyalty and support in all 14 areas of his public life, and 15 WHEREAS, in 1930, Jose D. Villalobos graduated from the 16 Institute de Segunda Ensenanza de la Habana, where he had 17 joined the university student groups championing the rights of 18 the people and seeking the reestablishment of the Constitution 19 of 1902, and 20 WHEREAS, with the fall of the regime of General 21 Machado, Jose D. Villalobos, at the age of 20, became the 22 aqueduct chief in Havana, while simultaneously attending the 23 University of Havana Medical School, and 24 WHEREAS, encouraged by his loyal friends and followers, 25 Jose D. Villalobos interrupted his final year of medical 26 school to accept the candidacy of his party for municipal 27 mayor of Guanabacoa in the 1940 elections, a post to which he 28 was reelected for six consecutive terms, and 29 WHEREAS, with the fall of Cuba to communism in 1959, 30 Jose D. Villalobos sought asylum in the Brazilian Embassy and, 31 after a journey through Peru, Mexico, and the Bahamas, arrived 1 CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions. Florida House of Representatives - 1997 HR 9231 552-136B-97 1 in the United States on May 9, 1959, to rejoin his family in 2 Miami, and 3 WHEREAS, spurred on by his devotion to his homeland, 4 Jose D. Villalobos, continued to be active in patriotic 5 organizations in exile, organizing and serving as president of 6 the Municipality of Guanabacoa in Exile, and occupying a high 7 position in the Caballeros de Colon del Consejo 5110, Nuestra 8 Senora de la Caridad, while he supported his family as a taxi 9 driver in Miami for 11 years, and 10 WHEREAS, Jose D. Villalobos became a real estate 11 broker, attended the University of Miami, was associated with 12 The Keyes Company, and served as assistant to Mayor Maurice 13 Ferre, and 14 WHEREAS, at the time of his death on January 14, 1997, 15 Jose D. Villalobos was survived by his wife, Yolanda Duque de 16 Estrada, and four sons, Jose A., Miguel, Carlos Jose, and Alex 17 Juan, and 18 WHEREAS, Jose D. Villalobos was regarded with deep 19 affection by all who knew him and will always be held in high 20 esteem as an inspiring example of a man committed to family 21 values and the highest political ideals, NOW, THEREFORE, 22 23 Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of 24 Florida: 25 26 That the House of Representatives pauses in its 27 deliberations to honor Jose D. Villalobos and to proclaim 28 August 27, 1997, as "Lolo" Villalobos Day. 29 30 31 2 CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.