Community Budget Issue Requests - Tracking Id #2476
Lake Tarpon Surface Water Restoration Project
Requester: David Rathke Organization: Southwest Florida Water Management District
Project Title: Lake Tarpon Surface Water Restoration Project Date Submitted 1/15/2003 4:47:41 PM
Sponsors: Bilirakis
Statewide Interest:
The project will protect the environment by restoring habitat and improving water quality. Wetlands act as natural filters for nutrients and sediments thus cleaning the water before discharging to Lake Tarpon, a state SWIM waterbody. Restoration of wetlands also improve habitat for wading birds and other wildlife. Habitat restoration projects are frequently conducted on or adjacent to existing conservation lands and therefore provide added benefits.
Recipient: Southwest Florida Water Management District   Contact: David Rathke  
  2379 Broad Street   Contact Phone: (352) 279-2834  
  Brooksville 34604
Counties: Citrus
Gov't Entity: Yes Private Organization (Profit/Not for Profit):  
Project Description:
The Lake Tarpon SWIM Plan was updated in July, 2001 and incorporated many of the elements from Pinellas County's adopted Lake Tarpon Drainage Basin Management Plan. The SWIM Plan has identified water quality improvement and habitat restoration high priorities. Also identified were additional studies to confirm potential pollutant loadings to the lake and to monitor the success of restoration projects. Much of the Lake Tarpon and Brooker Creek watersheds have been impacted by various anthropogenic activities. Fortunately, Pinellas County and the District have acquired or are in the process of acquiring, lands for restoration and conservation. These areas include the Brooker Creek Preserve in Pinellas County and the Brooker Creek Headwaters Project in Hillsborough County. Brooker Creek, which provides the primary surface water inflow to Lake Tarpon, has 14 identified channels that eventually converge and discharge into Lake Tarpon on its southeastern shore. Most of these channels flow through Brooker Creek Preserve, jointly owned by Pinellas County and the District. Several potential stormwater retrofit projects have also been identified.
Is this a water project as described in Chapter 2002-291, Laws of Florida? Yes
Has the project been submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection? Yes
DEP Identfying Number: SWR20022176
Measurable Outcome Anticipated:
The project will protect the environment by restoring habitat and improving water quality. The project will reduce pollutant loadings to a surface water body. The project will also protect public health.
Amount requested from the State for this project this year: $250,000
Identify item(s) in the FY 2003-04 Appropriations Bill to be reduced:
Specific Appropriation #:  
Specific Appropriation Title:  
Amount to be reduced: $
Total cost of the project: $1,750,000
Request has been made to fund: Construction
What type of match exists for this project? Local
  Cash Amount $1,475,000   In-kind Amount $15,000
Was this project previously funded by the state?   No
Is future-year funding likely to be requested?   Yes
  Amount: $10,000,000 To Fund: Construction
Was this project included in an Agency's Budget Request?   Unknown
Was this project included in the Governor's Recommended Budget? Unknown
Is there a documented need for this project? Yes
  Documentation: Lake Tarpon SWIM Plan
Was this project request heard before a publicly noticed meeting of a body of elected officials (municipal, county, or state)?   Yes
  Hearing Body: Pinellas County Legislative Delegation
  Hearing Meeting Date: 11/12/2002