Community Budget Issue Request System

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The following issues were submitted to the Senate Fiscal Group by members of the Senate to be considered for funding in the Fiscal Year 2000-2001 General Appropriations Act (the state budget).

The deadline for submittal of requests was midnight January 31, 2000.

The issues are grouped alphabetically by Senate member and issue title.

You may view the actual request by clicking on the issue title.

Guidelines for inclusion of requests into the Senate Community Budget Issue Request System exempted: 1) requests subject to a joint House/Senate Governor Initiative, 2) requests included in a State Agency's Legislative Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2000-2001.

As you review these issues you should be aware of four (4) important considerations:
  • The list of issues contains many duplicates including issues sponsored by more than one Senator. Some can be easily identified (identical names, etc); others are more difficult to recognize;

  • The amounts requested are from all funding sources - General Revenue Funds and Trust Funds;

  • The list will be periodically updated as better information is obtained; and

  • The list may include requests that were exempted from inclusion in the Community Budget Issue Request System under the Senate guidelines.

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