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Florida Services Export Program (FSEP)












William O. Cullom


Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce











Project Title:

Florida Services Export Program (FSEP)

Date Submitted:

1/17/2002 3:49:58 PM












Marco Rubio











Statewide Interest:








The FSEP is a statewide program created to facilitate international trade in services, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises.  To accomplish this goal, the program works with the State's Economic Development Organization, the US Department of Commerce, local and foreign governments, business associations, state universities and the private sector.  The program has strong statewide support and has established a statewide network of partners, which consists of over 45 organizations in Florida.  The program addresses the State's interest to expand Florida's economic globalization including international linkages, trade, foreign investment, and networks.  These recommendations are part of the Florida Strategic Plan for Economic Development 2001-2006, prepared by Enterprise Florida.  The program has specific target goals, activities, and tangible measurable results.  Matching funds are availbale for this program.  Additional information about the need, benefits to support and promote international trade in services has been documented in several studies listed in 19a.












Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce



Marisa Feito



1601 Biscayne Boulevard


Contact Phone:

(305) 577-3760




Miami, FL 33132




























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Project Description:








Statewide program to facilitate services, trade, and investment in Florida through a statewide database, website, out-bound and in-bound missions, one-on-one appointments and seminars.











Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Approximately 1,000 business owners and executives will be served --and-- more than $25 million in actual and projected sales and investment will be generated through the website, in-bound and out-bound missions, and one-on-one appointments.











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