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July 22, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 550
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F.S. 550.01215
550.01215 License application; periods of operation; license fees; bond.
(1) Each permitholder shall annually, during the period between December 15 and January 4, file in writing with the commission its application for an operating license for a pari-mutuel facility for the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering during the next state fiscal year, including intertrack and simulcast race wagering. Each application for live performances must specify the number, dates, and starting times of all live performances that the permitholder intends to conduct. It must also specify which performances will be conducted as charity or scholarship performances.
(a) Each application for an operating license also must include:
1. For each permitholder, whether the permitholder intends to accept wagers on intertrack or simulcast events.
2. For each permitholder that elects to operate a cardroom, the dates and periods of operation the permitholder intends to operate the cardroom.
3. For each thoroughbred racing permitholder that elects to receive or rebroadcast out-of-state races, the dates for all performances that the permitholder intends to conduct.
(b)1. A greyhound permitholder may not conduct live racing. A jai alai permitholder, harness horse racing permitholder, or quarter horse racing permitholder may elect not to conduct live racing or games. A thoroughbred permitholder must conduct live racing. A greyhound permitholder, jai alai permitholder, harness horse racing permitholder, or quarter horse racing permitholder that does not conduct live racing or games retains its permit; is a pari-mutuel facility as defined in s. 550.002(23); if such permitholder has been issued a slot machine license, the facility where such permit is located remains an eligible facility as defined in s. 551.102(4), continues to be eligible for a slot machine license pursuant to s. 551.104(3), and is exempt from ss. 551.104(4)(c) and (10) and 551.114(2); is eligible, but not required, to be a guest track and, if the permitholder is a harness horse racing permitholder, to be a host track for purposes of intertrack wagering and simulcasting pursuant to ss. 550.3551, 550.615, 550.625, and 550.6305; and remains eligible for a cardroom license.
2. A permitholder or licensee may not conduct live greyhound racing or dogracing in connection with any wager for money or any other thing of value in the state. The commission may deny, suspend, or revoke any permit or license under this chapter if a permitholder or licensee conducts live greyhound racing or dogracing in violation of this subparagraph. In addition to, or in lieu of, denial, suspension, or revocation of such permit or license, the commission may impose a civil penalty of up to $5,000 against the permitholder or licensee for a violation of this subparagraph. All penalties imposed and collected must be deposited with the Chief Financial Officer to the credit of the General Revenue Fund.
(c) Permitholders may amend their applications through February 28.
(d) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, other than a permitholder issued a permit pursuant to s. 550.3345, a pari-mutuel permitholder may not be issued an operating license for the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering, slot machine gaming, or the operation of a cardroom if the permitholder did not hold an operating license for the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering for fiscal year 2020-2021. This paragraph does not apply to a purchaser, transferee, or assignee holding a valid permit for the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering approved pursuant to s. 550.054(15)(a).
(2) After the first license has been issued to a permitholder, all subsequent annual applications for a license shall be accompanied by proof, in such form as the commission may by rule require, that the permitholder continues to possess the qualifications prescribed by this chapter, and that the permit has not been disapproved at a later election.
(3) The commission shall issue each license no later than March 15. Each permitholder shall operate all performances at the date and time specified on its license. The commission shall have the authority to approve minor changes in racing dates after a license has been issued. The commission may approve changes in racing dates after a license has been issued when there is no objection from any operating permitholder that is conducting live racing or games and that is located within 50 miles of the permitholder requesting the changes in operating dates. In the event of an objection, the commission shall approve or disapprove the change in operating dates based upon the impact on operating permitholders located within 50 miles of the permitholder requesting the change in operating dates. In making the determination to change racing dates, the commission shall take into consideration the impact of such changes on state revenues.
(4) In the event that a permitholder fails to operate all performances specified on its license at the date and time specified, the commission shall hold a hearing to determine whether to fine or suspend the permitholder’s license, unless such failure was the direct result of fire, strike, war, hurricane, pandemic, or other disaster or event beyond the ability of the permitholder to control. Financial hardship to the permitholder shall not, in and of itself, constitute just cause for failure to operate all performances on the dates and at the times specified.
(5) In the event that performances licensed to be operated by a permitholder are vacated, abandoned, or will not be used for any reason, any permitholder shall be entitled, pursuant to rules adopted by the commission, to apply to conduct performances on the dates for which the performances have been abandoned. The commission shall issue an amended license for all such replacement performances which have been requested in compliance with this chapter and commission rules.
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