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July 13, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 380
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F.S. 380.031
380.031 Definitions.As used in this chapter:
(1) “Administration commission” or “commission” means the Governor and the Cabinet; and for purposes of this chapter the commission shall act on a simple majority.
(2) “Developer” means any person, including a governmental agency, undertaking any development as defined in this chapter.
(3) “Development order” means any order granting, denying, or granting with conditions an application for a development permit.
(4) “Development permit” includes any building permit, zoning permit, plat approval, or rezoning, certification, variance, or other action having the effect of permitting development as defined in this chapter.
(5) “Downtown development authority” means a local governmental agency established under part III of chapter 163 or created with similar powers and responsibilities by special act for the purpose of planning, coordinating, and assisting in the implementation, revitalization, and redevelopment of a specific downtown area of a city.
(6) “Governmental agency” means:
(a) The United States or any department, commission, agency, or other instrumentality thereof;
(b) This state or any department, commission, agency, or other instrumentality thereof;
(c) Any local government, as defined in this chapter, or any department, commission, agency, or other instrumentality thereof;
(d) Any school board or other special district, authority, or other governmental entity.
(7) “Land” means the earth, water, and air above, below, or on the surface, and includes any improvements or structures customarily regarded as land.
(8) “Land development regulations” include local zoning, subdivision, building, and other regulations controlling the development of land.
(9) “Land use” means the development that has occurred on land.
(10) “Local comprehensive plan” means any or all local comprehensive plans or elements or portions thereof prepared, adopted, or amended pursuant to the Community Planning Act, as amended.
(11) “Local government” means any county or municipality and, where relevant, any joint airport zoning board.
(12) “Major public facility” means any publicly owned facility of more than local significance.
(13) “Parcel of land” means any quantity of land capable of being described with such definiteness that its location and boundaries may be established, which is designated by its owner or developer as land to be used or developed as a unit or which has been used or developed as a unit.
(14) “Person” means an individual, corporation, governmental agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, association, two or more persons having a joint or common interest, or any other legal entity.
(15) “Regional planning agency” means the agency designated by the state land planning agency to exercise responsibilities under this chapter in a particular region of the state.
(16) “Rule” means a rule adopted under chapter 120.
(17) “State land development plan” means a comprehensive statewide plan or any portion thereof setting forth state land development policies. Such plan shall not have any legal effect until enacted by general law or the Legislature confers express rulemaking authority on the state land planning agency to adopt such plan by rule for specific application.
(18) “State land planning agency” means the Department of Economic Opportunity and may be referred to in this part as the “department.”
(19) “Structure” means anything constructed, installed, or portable, the use of which requires a location on a parcel of land. It includes a movable structure while it is located on land which can be used for housing, business, commercial, agricultural, or office purposes either temporarily or permanently. “Structure” also includes fences, billboards, swimming pools, poles, pipelines, transmission lines, tracks, and advertising signs.
(20) “Resource planning and management committee” or “committee” means a committee appointed pursuant to s. 380.045.
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