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January 28, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Public Health
Chapter 381
Public Health: General Provisions
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Chapter 381, Florida Statutes 2001





381.001  Legislative intent; public health system.

381.0011  Duties and powers of the Department of Health.

381.0012  Enforcement authority.

381.0013  Eminent domain.

381.0014  Regulations and ordinances superseded.

381.0015  Presumptions.

381.0016  Municipal regulations and ordinances.

381.0017  Purchase, lease, and sale of real property.

381.0018  Application for and acceptance of gifts or grants.

381.0019  Disposition of equipment and material; transfers to county health departments.

381.002  Grant of title to prescriptive medical personal property to client.

381.0021  Client welfare accounts.

381.0022  Sharing confidential or exempt information.

381.0025  Penalties.

381.003  Communicable disease and AIDS prevention and control.

381.0031  Report of diseases of public health significance to department.

381.00315  Public health advisories.

381.0032  Epidemiological research.

381.00325  Hepatitis A awareness program.

381.0034  Requirement for instruction on human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

381.0035  Educational course on human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome; employees and clients of certain health care facilities.

381.0036  Planning for implementation of educational requirements concerning human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome for specified applicants for professional licensure.

381.0037  Findings; intent.

381.0038  Education.

381.0039  Oversight of AIDS education programs.

381.004  HIV testing.

381.0041  Donation and transfer of human tissue; testing requirements.

381.0042  Patient care for persons with human immunodeficiency virus infection.

381.0045  Targeted outreach for pregnant women.

381.0046  Statewide HIV and AIDS prevention campaign.

381.005  Primary and preventive health services.

381.0051  Family planning.

381.0052  Dental health.

381.0053  Comprehensive nutrition program.

381.0055  Confidentiality and quality assurance activities.

381.0056  School health services program.

381.0057  Funding for school health services.

381.0059  Background screening requirements for school health services personnel.

381.00591  Department of Health; National Environmental Laboratory accreditation; application; rules.

381.006  Environmental health.

381.0061  Administrative fines.

381.0062  Supervision; private and certain public water systems.

381.0063  Drinking water funds.

381.0064  Continuing education courses for persons installing or servicing septic tanks.

381.0065  Onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems; regulation.

381.00655  Connection of existing onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems to central sewerage system; requirements.

381.0066  Onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems; fees.

381.0067  Corrective orders; private and certain public water systems and onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems.

381.0068  Technical review and advisory panel.

381.0072  Food service protection.

381.0075  Regulation of body-piercing salons.

381.008  Definitions of terms used in ss. 381.008-381.00897.

381.0081  Permit required to operate a migrant labor camp or residential migrant housing; penalties for unlawful establishment or operation; allocation of proceeds.

381.0082  Application for permit to operate migrant labor camp or residential migrant housing.

381.0083  Permit for migrant labor camp or residential migrant housing.

381.0084  Application fees for migrant labor camps and residential migrant housing.

381.0085  Revocation of permit to operate migrant labor camp or residential migrant housing.

381.0086  Rules; variances; penalties.

381.0087  Enforcement; citations.

381.0088  Right of entry.

381.00893  Complaints by aggrieved parties.

381.00895  Prohibited acts; application.

381.00896  Nondiscrimination.

381.00897  Access to migrant labor camps and residential migrant housing.

381.009  Toilets required by department regulations; charge for use of prohibited.

381.0091  Separate restrooms and separate dressing rooms for males and females.

381.0098  Biomedical waste.

381.0101  Environmental health professionals.

381.0201  Technical and support services.

381.0202  Laboratory services.

381.0203  Pharmacy services.

381.0204  Vital statistics.

381.0205  Emergency medical services.

381.026  Florida Patient's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

381.0261  Summary of patient's bill of rights; distribution; penalty.

381.0301  Education and resource development.

381.0302  Florida Health Services Corps.

381.0303  Health practitioner recruitment for special needs shelters.

381.0402  Area health education center network.

381.0403  The Community Hospital Education Act.

381.0404  Center for Health Technologies.

381.0405  Office of Rural Health.

381.0406  Rural health networks.

381.04065  Rural health network cooperative agreements.

381.0407  Managed care and publicly funded primary care program coordination.

381.045  Hepatitis B or human immunodeficiency carriers.

381.0601  Self-derived and directed-donor blood programs.

381.06015  Public Cord Blood Tissue Bank.

381.0602  Organ Transplant Advisory Council; membership; responsibilities.

381.0605  Survey of state hospital facilities; Agency for Health Care Administration.

381.1001  Short title; Florida Community Health Protection Act.

381.1015  Community Environmental Health Program; creation; purposes.

381.102  Community Health pilot projects.

381.103  Community Health Pilot Projects; duties of department.

381.6021  Certification of organizations engaged in the practice of cadaveric organ and tissue procurement.

381.6022  Certification of organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, and eye banks.

381.60225  Background screening.

381.6023  Organ and Tissue Procurement and Transplantation Advisory Board; creation; duties.

381.6024  Fees; Florida Organ and Tissue Donor Education and Procurement Trust Fund.

381.6025  Physician supervision of cadaveric organ and tissue procurement coordinators.

381.6026  Procurement of cadaveric organs for transplant by out-of-state physicians.

381.731  Strategic planning.

381.732  Short title; Healthy Communities, Healthy People Act.

381.733  Definitions relating to Healthy Communities, Healthy People Act.

381.734  Healthy Communities, Healthy People Program.

381.7351  Short title; Closing the Gap Act.

381.7352  Legislative findings and intent.

381.7353  Reducing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities: Closing the Gap grant program; administration; department duties.

381.7354  Eligibility.

381.7355  Project requirements; review criteria.

381.7356  Local matching funds; grant awards.

381.739  Short title; Charlie Mack Overstreet Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries Act.

381.7395  Legislative intent.

381.74  Establishment and maintenance of a central registry.

381.745  Definitions; ss. 381.739-381.79.

381.75  Duties and responsibilities of the department, of transitional living facilities, and of residents.

381.755  Benefits not assignable.

381.76  Eligibility for the brain and spinal cord injury program.

381.765  Retention of title to and disposal of equipment.

381.77  Nursing home residents, age 55 and under; annual survey.

381.775  Applicant and recipient records; confidential and privileged.

381.78  Advisory council on brain and spinal cord injuries.

381.785  Recovery of third-party payments for funded services.

381.79  Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program Trust Fund.

381.795  Long-term community-based supports.

381.815  Sickle-cell program.

381.83  Trade secrets; confidentiality.

381.85  Biomedical and social research.

381.87  Osteoporosis prevention and education program.

381.88  Insect sting emergency treatment.

381.89  Regulation of tanning facilities.

381.895  Standards for compressed air used for recreational diving.

381.90  Health Information Systems Council; legislative intent; creation, appointment, duties.

381.91  Jessie Trice Cancer Prevention Program.

381.93  Breast and cervical cancer early detection program.

381.931  Annual report on Medicaid expenditures.