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91. 633.218 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 633.218 633.218 Inspections of state buildings and premises; tests of firesafety equipment; building plans to be approved.—(1)(a) It is the duty of the State Fire Marshal and her or his agents to inspect, or cause to be inspected, each state-owned building on a recurring basis established by r

92. 161.061 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 161.061 161.061 Coastal construction serving no public purpose, endangering human life, health, or welfare, or becoming unnecessary or undesirable.—(1) Any coastal construction, or any structure including groins, jetties, moles, breakwaters, seawalls, revetments, or other structures if of a so

93. 253.027 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 253.027 253.027 Emergency archaeological property acquisition.—(1) SHORT TITLE.—This section may be cited as the “Emergency Archaeological Property Acquisition Act of 1988.”(2) LEGISLATIVE INTENT.—It is the intent of the Legislature that a program be established to protect archaeological prope

94. 380.0668 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 380.0668 380.0668 Bonds; purpose, terms, approval, limitations.—(1) The issuance of revenue bonds to provide sufficient funds to achieve the purposes of this act; pay interest on bonds; pay expenses incident to the issuance and sale of any bond issued pursuant to this act, including costs of v

95. 413.341 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 413.341 413.341 Applicant and eligible individual records; confidential and privileged.—(1) All oral and written records, information, letters, and reports received, made, or maintained by the division relative to any applicant or eligible individual are privileged, confidential, and exempt fr

96. 932.703 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 932.703 932.703 Forfeiture of contraband article; exceptions.—(1)(a) A contraband article, vessel, motor vehicle, aircraft, other personal property, or real property used in violation of any provision of the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act, or in, upon, or by means of which any violation of

97. 20.22 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 20.22 1 20.22 Department of Management Services.—There is created a Department of Management Services.(1) The head of the Department of Management Services is the Secretary of Management Services, who shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate, and shall serve at

98. 267.021 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 267.021 267.021 Definitions.—For the purpose of this act, the term:(1) “Division” means the Division of Historical Resources of the Department of State.(2) “Agency” means any state, county, or municipal officer, department, division, board, bureau, commission, or other separate unit of governm

99. 721.53 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 721.53 721.53 Subordination instruments; alternate security arrangements.—(1) With respect to each accommodation or facility of a multisite timeshare plan, the developer shall provide the division with satisfactory evidence that one of the following has occurred with respect to each interestho

100. 20.331 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 20.331 1 20.331 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.—(1) RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES.—The Legislature, recognizing the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as being specifically authorized by the State Constitution under s. 9, Art. IV, grants rights and privileges to the commission, as co

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