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51. 377.33 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 377.33 377.33 Injunctions against division.—(1) Any interested person adversely affected by any statute of this state with respect to conservation of oil or gas, or both, or by provisions of this law may seek relief by a suit for injunction against the division, as defendant, or the members th

52. 727.110 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 727.110 727.110 Actions by assignee and other parties in interest.—(1) All matters requiring court authorization under this chapter shall be brought by motion, except for the following matters, which shall be brought by supplemental proceeding, as provided in subsection (2):(a) An action by th

53. 193.505 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 193.505 193.505 Assessment of historically significant property when development rights have been conveyed or historic preservation restrictions have been covenanted.—(1) The owner or owners in fee of any improved real property qualified as historically significant pursuant to paragraph (6)(a)

54. 538.32 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 538.32 538.32 Registration, transaction, and recordkeeping requirements; penalties.—(1) A mail-in secondhand precious metals dealer may not conduct business under this part without registering with the department and complying with all registration regulations as set forth in s. 538.09 .(2) A

55. 413.0111 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 413.0111 413.0111 Blind services direct-support organization.—(1) As used in this section, the term “direct-support organization” means a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under chapter 617 and organized and operated to conduct programs and activities; initiate developmental projects; ra

56. 717.1243 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 717.1243 717.1243 Small estate accounts.—(1) A claim for unclaimed property made by a beneficiary, as defined in s. 731.201 , of a deceased owner need not be accompanied by an order of a probate court if the claimant files with the department an affidavit, signed by all beneficiaries, stating

57. 570.30 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 570.30 570.30 Division of Administration; powers and duties.—The Division of Administration shall render services required by the department and its other divisions, or by the commissioner in the exercise of constitutional and cabinet responsibilities, that can advantageously and effectively b

58. 265.7025 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 265.7025 265.7025 Definitions relating to historic programs.—For the purposes of ss. 265.7025 - 265.709 , the term:(1) “Agency” means any state, county, or municipal officer, department, division, board, bureau, commission, or other separate unit of government created or established by law.(2)

59. 509.032 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 509.032 509.032 Duties.—(1) GENERAL.—The division shall carry out all of the provisions of this chapter and all other applicable laws and rules relating to the inspection or regulation of public lodging establishments and public food service establishments for the purpose of safeguarding the p

60. 585.16 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 585.16 585.16 Powers of division in connection with certain diseases.—Whenever the department determines, pursuant to s. 585.15 , that a pest or disease is dangerous and transmissible, or whenever the department determines it necessary or advisable to dip, examine, test, identify, treat, or de

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