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May 27, 2022
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1. 559.934 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.934, Florida Statutes 2008 559.934  Deceptive and unfair trade practice.--Acts, conduct, practices, omissions, failings, misrepresentations, or nondisclosures which constitute a violation of this part also constitute a deceptive and unfair trade practice for the purpose of s. 501.20

2. 559.938 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.938, Florida Statutes 2008 559.938  General Inspection Trust Fund; payments.--Any moneys recovered by the department as a penalty under this part shall be deposited in the General Inspection Trust Fund. History.--ss. 1, 2, ch. 88-363; s. 6, ch. 89-296; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 88, ch.

3. 559.9355 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.9355, Florida Statutes 2008 559.9355  Administrative remedies; penalties.-- (1)  The department may enter an order doing one or more of the following if the department finds that a person has violated or is operating in violation of any of the provisions of this part or the rules or

4. 559.937 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.937, Florida Statutes 2008 559.937  Criminal penalties.--Any person or business that violates this part: (1)  Commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. (2)  Which violation directly or indirectly pertains to an offer to sell, at w

5. 559.939 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.939, Florida Statutes 2008 559.939  State preemption.--No municipality or county or other political subdivision of this state shall have authority to levy or collect any registration fee or tax, as a regulatory measure, or to require the registration or bonding in any manner of any

6. 559.931 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.931, Florida Statutes 2008 559.931  Vacation certificate recordkeeping.--Sellers of travel who offer vacation certificates must keep and maintain among their business records, for a period of 3 years, the following documents and information: (1)  A copy of each item required to be s

7. 559.927 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.927, Florida Statutes 2008 559.927  Definitions.--For the purposes of this part, the term: (1)  "Accommodations" means any hotel or motel room, condominium or cooperative unit, cabin, lodge, or apartment; any other commercial structure designed for occupancy by one or more individua

8. 559.936 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.936, Florida Statutes 2008 559.936  Civil penalties; remedies.-- (1)  The department may institute a civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction to recover any penalties or damages allowed in this part and for injunctive relief to enforce compliance with this part. (2)  The de

9. 559.9285 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.9285, Florida Statutes 2008 559.9285  Certification of business activities.-- (1)  Each certifying party, as defined in s. 559.927 (2): (a)  Which does not offer for sale, at wholesale or retail, prearranged travel, tourist-related services, or tour-guide services for individuals or

10. 559.933 f.s.
Abstract: Section 559.933, Florida Statutes 2008 559.933  Vacation certificate cancellation and refund provisions.--It shall be unlawful for any seller of travel or assignee: (1)  To fail or refuse to honor a purchaser's vacation certificate request to cancel if such request is made: (a)  Within 30 days

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