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1. 196.194 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 196.194 196.194 Value adjustment board; notice; hearings; appearance before the board.—(1) The value adjustment board shall hear disputed or appealed applications for exemption and shall grant such exemptions in whole or in part in accordance with criteria set forth in this chapter.(2) At leas

2. 194.034 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 194.034 194.034 Hearing procedures; rules.—(1)(a) Petitioners before the board may be represented by an employee of the taxpayer or an affiliated entity, an attorney who is a member of The Florida Bar, a real estate appraiser licensed under chapter 475, a real estate broker licensed under chap

3. 194.3015 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 194.3015 194.3015 Burden of proof.—(1) It is the express intent of the Legislature that a taxpayer shall never have the burden of proving that the property appraiser’s assessment is not supported by any reasonable hypothesis of a legal assessment. All cases establishing the every-reasonable-hy

4. 194.013 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 194.013 194.013 Filing fees for petitions; disposition; waiver.—(1) If required by resolution of the value adjustment board, a petition filed pursuant to s. 194.011 shall be accompanied by a filing fee to be paid to the clerk of the value adjustment board in an amount determined by the board n

5. 476.194 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 476.194 476.194 Prohibited acts.—(1) It is unlawful for any person to:(a) Engage in the practice of barbering without an active license as a barber issued pursuant to the provisions of this act by the department.(b) Hire or employ any person to engage in the practice of barbering unless such p

6. 194.171 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 194.171 194.171 Circuit court to have original jurisdiction in tax cases.—(1) The circuit courts have original jurisdiction at law of all matters relating to property taxation. Venue is in the county where the property is located, except that venue shall be in Leon County when the property is

7. 316.194 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 316.194 316.194 Stopping, standing or parking outside of municipalities.—(1) Upon any highway outside of a municipality, no person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the paved or main-traveled part of the highway when it is practicable to stop

8. 946.510 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 946.510 946.510 Insurance by Division of Risk Management.—Pursuant to the applicable provisions of chapter 284, the Division of Risk Management of the Department of Financial Services is authorized to insure the corporation under the same general terms and conditions as the Department of Corre

9. 194.014 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 194.014 194.014 Partial payment of ad valorem taxes; proceedings before value adjustment board.—(1)(a) A petitioner before the value adjustment board who challenges the assessed value of property must pay all of the non-ad valorem assessments and make a partial payment of at least 75 percent o

10. 463.001 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 463.001 463.001 Purpose; intent.—The sole legislative purpose in enacting this chapter is to ensure that every person engaged in the practice of optometry in this state meets minimum requirements for safe practice. It is the legislative intent that such persons who fall below minimum standards

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