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July 24, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Title XIV
Chapter 213
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F.S. 213.0535
213.0535 Registration Information Sharing and Exchange Program.
(1) The Registration Information Sharing and Exchange Program, or “RISE,” is established and shall be coordinated by the Department of Revenue. Periodically, each participant in the program shall share the tax administration information specified in this section in the format prescribed by the department. To the fullest extent practicable, the information 1shall be shared in a computer-processable medium.
(2) Information that is subject to sharing includes the registrant’s, licensee’s, or taxpayer’s name, mailing address, business location, and federal employer identification number or social security number; any applicable business type code; any applicable county code; and such other tax registration information as the department prescribes.
(3) Each local government that participates in the program is responsible for transmitting its shared data to participating state agencies. Each state agency participating in the program is responsible for transmitting its shared data to the other participating state agencies and to the appropriate participating local governments. Data shall be transmitted within 20 days after the close of the reporting period.
(4) There are two levels of participation:
(a) Each unit of state or local government responsible for administering one or more of the provisions specified in subparagraphs 1.-8. is a level-one participant. Level-one participants shall exchange, monthly or quarterly, as determined jointly by each participant and the department, the data enumerated in subsection (2) for each new registrant, new filer, or initial reporter, permittee, or licensee, with respect to the following taxes, licenses, or permits:
1. The sales and use tax imposed under chapter 212.
2. The tourist development tax imposed under s. 125.0104.
3. The tourist impact tax imposed under s. 125.0108.
4. Local business taxes imposed under chapter 205.
5. Convention development taxes imposed under s. 212.0305.
6. Public lodging and food service establishment licenses issued pursuant to chapter 509.
7. Beverage law licenses issued pursuant to chapter 561.
8. A municipal resort tax as authorized under chapter 67-930, Laws of Florida.
(b) Level-two participants include the Department of Revenue and local officials responsible for collecting the tourist development tax pursuant to s. 125.0104, the tourist impact tax pursuant to s. 125.0108, or a convention development tax pursuant to s. 212.0305, or a municipal resort tax as authorized under chapter 67-930, Laws of Florida. Level-two participants shall, in addition to the data shared by level-one participants, exchange data relating to tax payment history, audit assessments, and registration cancellations of dealers engaging in transient rentals, and such data may relate only to sales and use taxes, tourist development taxes, convention development taxes, and municipal resort tax. The department shall prescribe, by rule, the data elements to be shared and the frequency of sharing; however, audit assessments must be shared at least quarterly.
(c) A level-two participant may disclose information as provided in paragraph (b) in response to a request for such information from any other level-two participant. Information relative to specific taxpayers shall be requested or disclosed under this paragraph only to the extent necessary in the administration of a tax or licensing provision as enumerated in paragraph (a). When a disclosure made under this paragraph involves confidential information provided to the participant by the Department of Revenue, the participant who provides the information shall maintain records of the disclosures, which records shall be subject to review by the Department of Revenue for a period of 5 years after the date of the disclosure.
(5) A provision of law imposing confidentiality upon data shared under this section, including, but not limited to, a provision imposing penalties for disclosure, applies to recipients of this data and their employees. Data exchanged under this section may not be provided to a person or entity other than a person or entity administering the tax or licensing provisions of those provisions enumerated in paragraph (4)(a), and such data may not be used for any purpose other than for enforcing those tax or licensing provisions. This 2subsection does not prevent a level-two participant from publishing statistics classified so as to prevent the identification of particular accounts, reports, declarations, or returns. However, statistics may not be published if they contain data pertaining to fewer than three taxpayers or if the statistics are prepared for geographic areas below the county level and contain data pertaining to fewer than 10 taxpayers. This subsection does not authorize the publishing of statistics that could be used to calculate the gross receipts or income of any individual taxpayer. Statistics may not be published under this section if a single taxpayer has remitted more than 33 percent of the tax that is the subject of the statistics. Statistics published under this subsection must relate only to tourist development taxes imposed under s. 125.0104, the tourist impact tax imposed under s. 125.0108, convention development taxes imposed under s. 212.0305, or the municipal resort tax authorized under chapter 67-930, Laws of Florida. This subsection does not prevent the Department of Revenue from meeting the requirements of s. 125.0104(3)(h).
(6) In addition to data on new registrants, the information shared by level-one participants in the first month of the program shall include data for all active registrants, taxpayers, licensees, or permittees under the provisions of law enumerated in paragraph (4)(a).
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1Note.As created by s. 31, ch. 92-320. The s. 32, ch. 92-319, version uses the word “must.”
2Note.As amended by s. 14, ch. 2014-38. The amendment to subsection (5) by s. 8, ch. 2014-40, uses the word “section.”