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February 6, 2023
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The Florida Statutes

The 2022 Florida Statutes (including Special Session A)

Title XL
Chapter 698
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F.S. 698.03
698.03 Power of sale may be included in certain mortgages; exercise of power.
(1) In all mortgages to, or in favor of, the Government of the United States or any agencies thereunder making agricultural loans, or to secure principal indebtedness not exceeding $500, bearing interest not in excess of the general legal rate, on farm machinery and equipment, and agricultural, horticultural, or fruit crops in being, it may be provided or covenanted that the mortgagee, her or his legal representatives or assigns, shall have the power to sell the mortgaged property upon any breach or default by the mortgagor of the terms, covenants, conditions, or stipulations of such mortgage or of the obligation thereby secured or upon nonpayment of the indebtedness secured by such mortgage or interest thereon, when due and payable in such manner and on such terms as may be provided in such mortgage, and all such provisions and covenants shall be valid, effectual, and enforceable, and every such sale thereunder shall vest in the purchaser, or purchasers, the title in and to the property mortgaged and described in such mortgage.
(2) In case of the exercise of such power of sale, written notice of such sale shall be given to the mortgagor and all persons claiming by, through, or under her or him by instrument duly recorded, not less than 15 days prior to such sale. Such notice may be served in the same manner as summons ad respondendum are served pursuant to the laws of Florida, and a copy of such notice shall be published at least twice, the first publication of which shall be not less than 20 days prior to such sale, in a newspaper published in the county where such sale shall occur, and another copy of such notice shall be served upon any person in charge, or having or taking part in the supervision or care of such mortgaged property, or any part thereof. If there be no newspaper published in such county, then such publication may be made in a newspaper published in any county adjoining that wherein such sale is to be made. Such notice may be served upon any of said parties wherever they may be within the state. If any person to whom notice is required to be given under this statute shall not reside in the state, or her or his residence be unknown to the mortgagee, her or his legal representatives or assigns, then it shall not be necessary to make personal service of such notice upon her or him, and in such case, the publication of such notice as above provided shall be sufficient; provided, that where the address of such nonresident be known to the mortgagee, her or his legal representative or assigns, a copy of such notice shall be mailed to her or him at such address, by registered mail.
(3) Every such sale shall occur during the hours prescribed for sheriffs’ sales at the courthouse of the county where such property is situate at the time of the sale, and if the property is situate in more than one county, the sale may occur in any county where any part of such property is located. The actual possession of such mortgaged property, or its presence, at the place of sale shall be unnecessary to the validity of any such sale.
(4) Every such notice of sale shall describe the mortgaged property to be sold and state the time and place of sale, the name of the person who will conduct the sale, and the amount claimed to be due and secured by such mortgage and for the payment of which such sale is being held.
(5) The proceeds of every such sale shall be applied first to the payment of the costs and expenses of such sale, including the cost of advertising and serving notices and of the person conducting such sale (which shall be the same as the fees prescribed by law to be paid sheriffs for conducting sales and executing sheriffs’ deeds under executions) and attorney’s fees of 10 percent of the principal and accrued interest of the obligation secured by such mortgage, for the services of the attorney for the mortgagee or her or his assigns, and then to the payment of the obligation secured by such property mortgage, including unpaid interest, if any, and the balance or excess, if any, shall be paid to the owner of such mortgaged property if she or he be known; otherwise, such excess shall be paid by the person conducting such sale into the registry of the circuit court for such county to be there held for the benefit of the person lawfully entitled to the same.
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