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June 13, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Title VI
Chapter 75
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F.S. 75.05
75.05 Order and service.
(1) The court shall issue an order directed against the state and the several property owners, taxpayers, citizens and others having or claiming any right, title or interest in property to be affected by the issuance of bonds or certificates, or to be affected thereby, requiring all persons, in general terms and without naming them and the state through its state attorney or attorneys of the circuits where the county, municipality or district lies, to appear at a designated time and place within the circuit where the complaint is filed and show why the complaint should not be granted and the proceedings and bonds or certificates validated. A copy of the complaint and order shall be served on the state attorney of the circuit in which such proceedings are pending, and when the municipality or district lies in more than one judicial circuit, on the state attorney of each of the circuits at least 20 days before the time fixed for hearing. The state attorney shall examine the complaint, and, if it appears or there is reason to believe that it is defective, insufficient, or untrue, or if in the opinion of the state attorney the issuance of the bonds or certificates in question has not been duly authorized, defense shall be made by said state attorney. The state attorney shall have access, for the purposes aforesaid, to all records and proceedings of the county, municipality, state agency, commission or department, or district, and any officer, agent or employee having charge, possession, or control of any of the books, papers, or records of the county, municipality, state agency, commission, department, or district shall exhibit them for examination on demand of the state attorney, and shall furnish, without cost, duly authenticated copies thereof which pertain to the proceedings for the issuance of the bonds or certificates or which may affect their legality.
(2) In the case of state agencies, commissions, or departments, a copy of the complaint and order shall be served on the state attorney of the circuit in which the action is pending and if pending in a county when the proceeds of the bond issue are to be expended in any other county, on the state attorney of each county in which it is proposed to expend the proceeds.
(3) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whether a general law or special act, validation of bonds to be issued by a special district, other than a community development district established pursuant to chapter 190, as provided in s. 190.016(12), is not mandatory, but is at the option of the issuer. However, the validation of bonds issued by such community development districts shall not be required on refunding issues.
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