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June 20, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 667
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F.S. 667.003
667.003 Applicability of chapter 658.Any state savings bank is subject to all the provisions, and entitled to all the privileges, of the financial institutions codes except where it appears, from the context or otherwise, that such provisions clearly apply only to banks or trust companies organized under the laws of this state or the United States. Without limiting the foregoing general provisions, it is the intent of the Legislature that the following provisions apply to a savings bank to the same extent as if the savings bank were a “bank” operating under such provisions:
(1) Section 658.12, relating to definitions.
(2) Section 658.16, relating to creation of banking or trust corporation.
(3) Section 658.19, relating to application for authority to organize a bank or trust company.
(4) Section 658.20, relating to investigation by office.
(5) Section 658.21, relating to approval of application; findings required.
(6) Section 658.22, relating to coordination with federal agencies.
(7) Section 658.23, relating to submission of articles of incorporation; contents; form; approval; filing; commencement of corporate existence; bylaws.
(8) Section 658.235, relating to subscriptions for stock; approval of major shareholders.
(9) Section 658.24, relating to organizational procedures.
(10) Section 658.25, relating to opening for business.
(11) Section 658.26, relating to places of transacting business; branches; facilities.
(12) Section 658.2953, relating to interstate branching.
(13) Section 658.30, relating to application of the Florida Business Corporation Act.
(14) Section 658.32, relating to annual meetings.
(15) Section 658.33, relating to directors, number, qualifications; officers.
(16) Section 658.34, relating to shares of capital stock.
(17) Section 658.35, relating to share options; warrants.
(18) Section 658.36, relating to changes in capital.
(19) Section 658.37, relating to dividends and surplus.
(20) Section 658.38, relating to deposit insurance.
(21) Section 658.39, relating to stockholders; examination of records.
(22) Section 658.40, relating to definitions for merger and consolidation.
(23) Section 658.41, relating to merger; resulting state or national bank.
(24) Section 658.42, relating to plan of merger and merger agreement.
(25) Section 658.43, relating to approval by office; valuation of assets; emergency action.
(26) Section 658.44, relating to approval by stockholders; rights of dissenters; preemptive rights.
(27) Section 658.45, relating to certificate of merger and effective date; effect on charters and powers.
(28) Section 658.48, relating to loans.
(29) Section 658.491, relating to commercial loans by financial institutions.
(30) Section 658.51, relating to banks authorized to make commodity loans.
(31) Section 658.53, relating to borrowing; limits of indebtedness.
(32) Section 658.60, relating to depositories of public moneys and pledge of assets.
(33) Section 658.67, relating to investment powers and limitations.
(34) Section 658.73, relating to fees and assessments.
(35) Section 658.79, relating to taking possession of insolvent state banks or trust companies.
(36) Section 658.80, relating to appointment of receiver or liquidator.
(37) Section 658.81, relating to office action; notice and court confirmation.
(38) Section 658.82, relating to receiver; powers and duties.
(39) Section 658.83, relating to liquidator; powers and duties.
(40) Section 658.84, relating to transfers by banks and other acts in contemplation of insolvency.
(41) Section 658.90, relating to receivers or liquidators under supervision of office.
(42) Section 658.94, relating to prima facie evidence.
(43) Section 658.95, relating to voluntary liquidation.
(44) Section 658.96, relating to procedure in voluntary liquidation.
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