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November 29, 2023
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes

Chapter 624
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F.S. 624.123
624.123 Certain international health insurance policies; exemption from code.
(1) International health insurance policies and applications may be solicited and sold in this state at any international airport to a resident of a foreign country. Such international health insurance policies shall be solicited and sold only by a licensed health insurance agent and underwritten only by an admitted insurer. For purposes of this subsection:
(a) “International airport” means any airport in Florida with United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection service, which enplanes more than 1 million passengers per year.
(b) “International health insurance policy” means health insurance, as provided in s. 627.6562(3)(a)2., which is offered to an individual, covering only a resident of a foreign country on an annual basis.
(c) “Resident of a foreign country” does not include any United States citizen, any natural person maintaining his or her residence in this country, or any natural person staying in this state continuously for more than 120 days.
(2) Any international health insurance policy sold, and any application provided, to residents of foreign countries pursuant to this subsection shall contain the following conspicuous, boldfaced disclaimer in at least 12-point type: “This individual health insurance policy may be sold only to a person not a resident of the United States. This policy does not comply with coverage, underwriting, and other provisions of the Florida Insurance Code, and must comply with coverage, underwriting, and other insurance regulatory provisions of your country of residence.”
(3) Any insurer underwriting international health insurance policies pursuant to this subsection is subject to all applicable provisions of the insurance code, except as otherwise provided in this subsection. International health insurance policies are not subject to any form approval, rate approval, underwriting restrictions, guaranteed availability, or coverage mandates provided in the insurance code. Health insurance agents who are licensed and appointed pursuant to chapter 626 may solicit, sell, effect, collect premium on, and deliver international health insurance policies in accordance with this section. Solicitation or sale of an international health insurance policy to a United States citizen or to a natural person not a resident of a foreign country is a willful violation of the provisions of s. 626.611.
1(4) Any international health insurance policy or application solicited, provided, entered into, issued, or delivered pursuant to this subsection is exempt from all provisions of the insurance code, except that such policy, contract, or agreement is subject to the provisions of ss. 624.155, 624.316, 624.3161, 626.951, 626.9511, 626.9521, 626.9541, 626.9551, 626.9561, 626.9571, 626.9581, 626.9591, 626.9601, 627.413, 627.4145, and 627.6043.
History.s. 82, ch. 98-199; s. 1, ch. 98-399; s. 11, ch. 99-3; s. 100, ch. 2004-5; s. 4, ch. 2016-194; s. 16, ch. 2023-15.

A. Section 29, ch. 2023-15, provides that “[t]his act shall not be construed to impair any right under an insurance contract in effect on or before [March 24, 2023]. To the extent that this act affects a right under an insurance contract, this act applies to an insurance contract issued or renewed after [March 24, 2023].”

B. Section 30, ch. 2023-15, provides that “[e]xcept as otherwise expressly provided in this act, this act shall apply to causes of action filed after [March 24, 2023].”