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July 24, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Title IV
Chapter 24
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F.S. 24.112
24.112 Retailers of lottery tickets; authorization of vending machines to dispense lottery tickets.
(1) The department shall promulgate rules specifying the terms and conditions for contracting with retailers who will best serve the public interest and promote the sale of lottery tickets.
(2) In the selection of retailers, the department shall consider factors such as financial responsibility, integrity, reputation, accessibility of the place of business or activity to the public, security of the premises, the sufficiency of existing retailers to serve the public convenience, and the projected volume of the sales for the lottery game involved. In the consideration of these factors, the department may require the information it deems necessary of any person applying for authority to act as a retailer. However, the department may not establish a limitation upon the number of retailers and shall make every effort to allow small business participation as retailers. It is the intent of the Legislature that retailer selections be based on business considerations and the public convenience and that retailers be selected without regard to political affiliation.
(3) The department shall not contract with any person as a retailer who:
(a) Is less than 18 years of age.
(b) Is engaged exclusively in the business of selling lottery tickets; however, this paragraph shall not preclude the department from selling lottery tickets.
(c) Has been convicted of, or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, a felony committed in the preceding 10 years, regardless of adjudication, unless the department determines that:
1. The person has been pardoned or the person’s civil rights have been restored;
2. Subsequent to such conviction or entry of plea the person has engaged in the kind of law-abiding commerce and good citizenship that would reflect well upon the integrity of the lottery; or
3. If the person is a firm, association, partnership, trust, corporation, or other entity, the person has terminated its relationship with the individual whose actions directly contributed to the person’s conviction or entry of plea.
(4) The department shall issue a certificate of authority to each person with whom it contracts as a retailer for purposes of display pursuant to subsection (6). The issuance of the certificate shall not confer upon the retailer any right apart from that specifically granted in the contract. The authority to act as a retailer shall not be assignable or transferable.
(5) Any contract executed by the department pursuant to this section shall specify the reasons for any suspension or termination of the contract by the department, including, but not limited to:
(a) Commission of a violation of this act or rule adopted pursuant thereto.
(b) Failure to accurately account for lottery tickets, revenues, or prizes as required by the department.
(c) Commission of any fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.
(d) Insufficient sale of tickets.
(e) Conduct prejudicial to public confidence in the lottery.
(f) Any material change in any matter considered by the department in executing the contract with the retailer.
(6) Every retailer shall post and keep conspicuously displayed in a location on the premises accessible to the public its certificate of authority and, with respect to each game, a statement supplied by the department of the estimated odds of winning some prize for the game.
(7) No contract with a retailer shall authorize the sale of lottery tickets at more than one location, and a retailer may sell lottery tickets only at the location stated on the certificate of authority.
(8) With respect to any retailer whose rental payments for premises are contractually computed, in whole or in part, on the basis of a percentage of retail sales, and where such computation of retail sales is not explicitly defined to include sales of tickets in a state-operated lottery, the compensation received by the retailer from the department shall be deemed to be the amount of the retail sale for the purposes of such contractual compensation.
(9)(a) The department may require every retailer to post an appropriate bond as determined by the department, using an insurance company acceptable to the department, in an amount not to exceed twice the average lottery ticket sales of the retailer for the period within which the retailer is required to remit lottery funds to the department. For the first 90 days of sales of a new retailer, the amount of the bond may not exceed twice the average estimated lottery ticket sales for the period within which the retailer is required to remit lottery funds to the department. This paragraph shall not apply to lottery tickets which are prepaid by the retailer.
(b) In lieu of such bond, the department may purchase blanket bonds covering all or selected retailers or may allow a retailer to deposit and maintain with the Chief Financial Officer securities that are interest bearing or accruing and that, with the exception of those specified in subparagraphs 1. and 2., are rated in one of the four highest classifications by an established nationally recognized investment rating service. Securities eligible under this paragraph shall be limited to:
1. Certificates of deposit issued by solvent banks or savings associations organized and existing under the laws of this state or under the laws of the United States and having their principal place of business in this state.
2. United States bonds, notes, and bills for which the full faith and credit of the government of the United States is pledged for the payment of principal and interest.
3. General obligation bonds and notes of any political subdivision of the state.
4. Corporate bonds of any corporation that is not an affiliate or subsidiary of the depositor.

Such securities shall be held in trust and shall have at all times a market value at least equal to an amount required by the department.

(10) Every contract entered into by the department pursuant to this section shall contain a provision for payment of liquidated damages to the department for any breach of contract by the retailer.
(11) The department shall establish procedures by which each retailer shall account for all tickets sold by the retailer and account for all funds received by the retailer from such sales. The contract with each retailer shall include provisions relating to the sale of tickets, payment of moneys to the department, reports, service charges, and interest and penalties, if necessary, as the department shall deem appropriate.
(12) No payment by a retailer to the department for tickets shall be in cash. All such payments shall be in the form of a check, bank draft, electronic fund transfer, or other financial instrument authorized by the secretary.
(13) Each retailer shall provide accessibility for disabled persons on habitable grade levels. This subsection does not apply to a retail location which has an entrance door threshold more than 12 inches above ground level. As used herein and for purposes of this subsection only, the term “accessibility for disabled persons on habitable grade levels” means that retailers shall provide ramps, platforms, aisles and pathway widths, turnaround areas, and parking spaces to the extent these are required for the retailer’s premises by the particular jurisdiction where the retailer is located. Accessibility shall be required to only one point of sale of lottery tickets for each lottery retailer location. The requirements of this subsection shall be deemed to have been met if, in lieu of the foregoing, disabled persons can purchase tickets from the retail location by means of a drive-up window, provided the hours of access at the drive-up window are not less than those provided at any other entrance at that lottery retailer location. Inspections for compliance with this subsection shall be performed by those enforcement authorities responsible for enforcement pursuant to s. 553.80 in accordance with procedures established by those authorities. Those enforcement authorities shall provide to the Department of the Lottery a certification of noncompliance for any lottery retailer not meeting such requirements.
(14) The secretary may, after filing with the Department of State his or her manual signature certified by the secretary under oath, execute or cause to be executed contracts between the department and retailers by means of engraving, imprinting, stamping, or other facsimile signature.
(15) A vending machine may be used to dispense online lottery tickets, instant lottery tickets, or both online and instant lottery tickets.
(a) The vending machine must:
1. Dispense a lottery ticket after a purchaser inserts a coin or currency in the machine.
2. Be capable of being electronically deactivated for a period of 5 minutes or more.
3. Be designed to prevent its use for any purpose other than dispensing a lottery ticket.
(b) In order to be authorized to use a vending machine to dispense lottery tickets, a retailer must:
1. Locate the vending machine in the retailer’s direct line of sight to ensure that purchases are only made by persons at least 18 years of age.
2. Ensure that at least one employee is on duty when the vending machine is available for use. However, if the retailer has previously violated s. 24.1055, at least two employees must be on duty when the vending machine is available for use.
(c) A vending machine that dispenses a lottery ticket may dispense change to a purchaser but may not be used to redeem any type of winning lottery ticket.
(d) The vending machine, or any machine or device linked to the vending machine, may not include or make use of video reels or mechanical reels or other video depictions of slot machine or casino game themes or titles for game play. This does not preclude the use of casino game themes or titles on such tickets or signage or advertising displays on the machines.
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