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May 21, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 641
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F.S. 641.21
641.21 Application for certificate.
(1) Before any entity may operate a health maintenance organization, it shall obtain a certificate of authority from the office. The office shall accept and shall begin its review of an application for a certificate of authority anytime after an organization has filed an application for a health care provider certificate pursuant to part III of this chapter. However, the office may not issue a certificate of authority to any applicant which does not possess a valid health care provider certificate issued by the agency. Each application for a certificate shall be on such form as the commission shall prescribe, shall be verified by the oath of two officers of the corporation and properly notarized, and shall be accompanied by the following:
(a) A copy of the articles of incorporation and all amendments thereto;
(b) A copy of the bylaws, rules and regulations, or similar form of document, if any, regulating the conduct of the affairs of the applicant;
(c) A list of the names, addresses, and official capacities with the organization of the persons who are to be responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the health maintenance organization, including all officers, directors, and owners of in excess of 5 percent of the common stock of the corporation. Such persons shall fully disclose to the office and the directors of the health maintenance organization the extent and nature of any contracts or arrangements between them and the health maintenance organization, including any possible conflicts of interest;
(d) A complete biographical statement on forms prescribed by the commission, and an independent investigation report and fingerprints obtained pursuant to chapter 624, of all of the individuals referred to in paragraph (c);
(e) A statement generally describing the health maintenance organization, its operations, and its grievance procedures;
(f) Forms of all health maintenance contracts, certificates, and member handbooks the applicant proposes to offer the subscribers, showing the benefits to which they are entitled, together with a table of the rates charged, or proposed to be charged, for each form of such contract. A certified actuary shall:
1. Certify that the rates are neither inadequate nor excessive nor unfairly discriminatory;
2. Certify that the rates are appropriate for the classes of risks for which they have been computed; and
3. File an adequate description of the rating methodology showing that such methodology follows consistent and equitable actuarial principles;
(g) A statement describing with reasonable certainty the geographic area or areas to be served by the health maintenance organization;
(h) As to any applicant whose business plan indicates that it will receive Medicaid funds, a list of all contracts and agreements and any information relative to any payment or agreement to pay, directly or indirectly, a consultant fee, a broker fee, a commission, or other fee or charge related in any way to the application for a certificate of authority or the issuance of a certificate of authority, including, but not limited to, the name of the person or entity paying the fee; the name of the person or entity receiving the fee; the date of payment; and a brief description of the work performed. The contract, agreement, and related information shall, if requested, be provided to the office.
(i) An audited financial statement prepared on the basis of statutory accounting principles and certified by an independent certified public accountant, except that surplus notes acceptable to the office and meeting the requirements of this act shall be included in the calculation of surplus; and
(j) Such additional reasonable data, financial statements, and other pertinent information as the commission or office requires with respect to the determination that the applicant can provide the services to be offered.
(2) After submission of the application for a certificate of authority, the entity may engage in initial group marketing activities solely with respect to employers, representatives of labor unions, professional associations, and trade associations, so long as it does not enter into, issue, deliver, or otherwise effectuate health maintenance contracts, effectuate or bind coverage or benefits, provide health care services, or collect premiums or charges until it has been issued a certificate of authority by the office. Any such activities, oral or written, shall include a statement that the entity does not possess a valid certificate of authority and cannot enter into health maintenance contracts until such time as it has been issued a certificate of authority by the office.
(3) A comprehensive feasibility study, performed by a certified actuary in conjunction with a certified public accountant. The study shall be for the greater of 3 years or until the health maintenance organization has been projected to be profitable for 12 consecutive months. The study must show that the health maintenance organization would not, at the end of any month of the projection period, have less than the minimum surplus as required by s. 641.225.
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