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July 13, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 1012
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F.S. 1012.27
1012.27 Public school personnel; powers and duties of district school superintendent.The district school superintendent is responsible for directing the work of the personnel, subject to the requirements of this chapter, and in addition the district school superintendent shall perform the following:
(a) Recommend to the district school board duties and responsibilities which need to be performed and positions which need to be filled to make possible the development of an adequate school program in the district.
(b) Recommend minimum qualifications of personnel for these various positions, and nominate in writing persons to fill such positions.

The district school superintendent’s recommendations for filling instructional positions at the school level must consider nominations received from school principals of the respective schools. Before transferring a teacher who holds a professional teaching certificate from one school to another, the district school superintendent shall consult with the principal of the receiving school and allow the principal to review the teacher’s records, including student performance demonstrated under s. 1012.34, and interview the teacher. If, in the judgment of the principal, students would not benefit from the placement, an alternative placement may be sought. A principal may refuse the placement in accordance with s. 1012.28(6).

(2) COMPENSATION AND SALARY SCHEDULES.Prepare and recommend to the district school board for adoption a salary schedule or salary schedules in accordance with s. 1012.22.
(3) CONTRACTS AND TERMS OF SERVICE.Recommend to the district school board terms for contracting with employees and prepare such contracts as are approved.
(4) TRANSFER.Recommend employees for transfer and transfer any employee during any emergency and report the transfer to the district school board at its next regular meeting.
(a) Suspend members of the instructional staff and other school employees during emergencies for a period extending to and including the day of the next regular or special meeting of the district school board and notify the district school board immediately of such suspension. When authorized to do so, serve notice on the suspended member of the instructional staff of charges made against him or her and of the date of hearing. Recommend employees for dismissal under the terms prescribed herein.
(b) Notify the parent of a student who was subjected to or affected by misconduct identified under s. 1001.42(6) within 30 days after the date on which the school district learns of the misconduct. The notification must inform the parent of:
1. The alleged misconduct, including which allegations have been substantiated, if any.
2. Whether the district reported the misconduct to the department, if required by s. 1012.796(1)(d).
3. The sanctions imposed by the school district against the employee, if any.
4. The support the school district will make available to the student in response to the misconduct.
(6) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY CHECKS.Before employing a person in any position that requires direct contact with students, conduct employment history checks of each of the person’s previous employers; review each affidavit of separation from previous employers pursuant to s. 1012.31; screen instructional personnel and school administrators, as defined in s. 1012.01, through use of the educator screening tools described in s. 1001.10(5); and document the findings. If unable to contact a previous employer, the district school superintendent shall document efforts to contact the employer.
(7) DIRECT WORK OF EMPLOYEES AND SUPERVISE INSTRUCTION.Direct or arrange for the proper direction and improvement, under rules of the district school board, of the work of all members of the instructional staff and other employees of the district school system, supervise or arrange under rules of the district school board for the supervision of instruction in the district, and take such steps as are necessary to bring about continuous improvement.
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