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June 3, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2009 Florida Statutes

Title XIII
Chapter 189
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Chapter 189, Florida Statutes 2009



189.401  Short title.

189.402  Statement of legislative purpose and intent.

189.403  Definitions.

189.4031  Special districts; creation, dissolution, and reporting requirements; charter requirements.

189.4035  Preparation of official list of special districts.

189.404  Legislative intent for the creation of independent special districts; special act prohibitions; model elements and other requirements; general-purpose local government/Governor and Cabinet creation authorizations.

189.4041  Dependent special districts.

189.4042  Merger and dissolution procedures.

189.4044  Special procedures for inactive districts.

189.4045  Financial allocations.

189.4047  Refund of certain special assessments.

189.405  Elections; general requirements and procedures; education programs.

189.4051  Elections; special requirements and procedures for districts with governing boards elected on a one-acre/one-vote basis.

189.4065  Collection of non-ad valorem assessments.

189.408  Special district bond referenda.

189.4085  Bond issuance.

189.412  Special District Information Program; duties and responsibilities.

189.413  Special districts; oversight of state funds use.

189.415  Special district public facilities report.

189.4155  Activities of special districts; local government comprehensive planning.

189.4156  Water management district technical assistance; local government comprehensive planning.

189.416  Designation of registered office and agent.

189.417  Meetings; notice; required reports.

189.418  Reports; budgets; audits.

189.419  Effect of failure to file certain reports or information.

189.420  Assessments levied on facilities regulated under chapter 513.

189.421  Failure of district to disclose financial reports.

189.4221  Purchases from purchasing agreements of special districts, municipalities, or counties.

189.423  Purchase, sale, or privatization of water, sewer, or wastewater reuse utility by special district.

189.425  Rulemaking authority.

189.427  Fee schedule; Operating Trust Fund.

189.428  Special districts; oversight review process.

189.429  Codification.

189.430  Community Improvement Authority Act; short title.

189.431  Legislative findings; intent.

189.432  Definitions; Community Improvement Authority Act.

189.433  Creation of a community improvement authority; charter.

189.434  Board of supervisors.

189.435  Executive director.

189.436  Chief financial officer and other officers; financial records; fiscal year.

189.437  Budgets.

189.438  Powers and duties.

189.439  Bonds.

189.440  Tax exemption.

189.441  Contracts.

189.442  Sale or lease of property.

189.443  Damages arising out of tort.

189.444  Dissolution.