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October 16, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2000 Florida Statutes

Title XVI
Chapter 235
Educational Facilities
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Chapter 235, Florida Statutes 2000



235.002  Intent.

235.01  Purpose; rules.

235.011  Definitions.

235.014  Functions of the department.

235.0155  Prototype designs.

235.017  Boards to ensure that facilities comply with building codes and life safety codes.

235.02  Use of buildings and grounds.

235.04  Disposal of property.

235.05  Right of eminent domain.

235.054  Proposed purchase of real property by a board; confidentiality of records; procedure.

235.055  Construction of facilities on leased property; conditions.

235.056  Lease, rental, and lease-purchase of educational facilities and sites.

235.057  Purchase, conveyance, or encumbrance of property interests above surface of land; joint-occupancy structures.

235.06  Safety and sanitation standards and inspection of property.

235.061  Standards for relocatables used as classroom space; inspections.

235.062  Reduction of relocatable facilities in use.

235.09  Obscenity on educational buildings or vehicles.

235.15  Educational plant survey; localized need assessment; PECO project funding.

235.155  Exception to recommendations in educational plant survey.

235.175  SMART schools; Classrooms First; legislative purpose.

235.18  Annual capital outlay budget.

235.185  School district facilities work program; definitions; preparation, adoption, and amendment; long-term work programs.

235.186  Effort index grants for school district facilities.

235.187  Classrooms First Program; uses.

235.188  Full bonding required to participate in programs.

235.19  Site planning and selection.

235.192  Coordination of school safety information; construction design documents.

235.193  Coordination of planning with local governing bodies.

235.194  General educational facilities report.

235.195  Cooperative development and use of facilities by two or more boards.

235.1975  Cooperative development of educational facilities in juvenile justice programs.

235.198  Cooperative development and use of satellite facilities by private industry and school boards.

235.199  Cooperative funding of vocational educational facilities.

235.211  Educational facilities contracting and construction techniques.

235.212  Low-energy use design; solar energy systems; swimming pool heaters.

235.215  Energy efficiency contracting.

235.2155  School Infrastructure Thrift Program Act.

235.2157  Small school requirement.

235.216  SIT Program award eligibility; maximum cost per student station of educational facilities; frugality incentives; recognition awards.

235.217  SMART (Soundly Made, Accountable, Reasonable, and Thrifty) Schools Clearinghouse.

235.218  School district facilities work program performance and productivity standards; development; measurement; application.

235.2195  The 1997 School Capital Outlay Bond Program.

235.21955  Lottery Capital Outlay and Debt Service Trust Fund.

235.2196  Commissioner to provide for encumbrances of funds.

235.2197  Florida Frugal Schools Program.

235.2199  Use of public-private partnerships for school construction.

235.26  State Uniform Building Code for Public Educational Facilities Construction.

235.30  Supervision and inspection.

235.31  Advertising and awarding contracts; prequalification of contractor.

235.32  Substance of contract; contractors to give bond; penalties.

235.321  Changes in construction requirements after award of contract.

235.3215  Toxic substances in construction, repair, or maintenance of public school facilities.

235.33  Payments.

235.34  Expenditures authorized.

235.40  Radio and television facilities.

235.41  Legislative capital outlay budget request.

235.42  Educational and ancillary plant construction funds; Public Education Capital Outlay and Debt Service Trust Fund; allocation of funds.

235.4235  Financing of approved capital projects.

235.435  Funds for comprehensive educational plant needs; construction cost maximums for school district capital projects.

235.4351  Waivers from certain requirements.

235.44  Multiyear capital improvement contracts.