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The Florida Statutes

The 2006 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Chapter 400
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Chapter 400, Part II, Florida Statutes 2006



400.011  Purpose.

400.021  Definitions.

400.022  Residents' rights.

400.023  Civil enforcement.

400.0233  Presuit notice; investigation; notification of violation of resident's rights or alleged negligence; claims evaluation procedure; informal discovery; review; settlement offer; mediation.

400.0234  Availability of facility records for investigation of resident's rights violations and defenses; penalty.

400.0235  Certain provisions not applicable to actions under this part.

400.0236  Statute of limitations.

400.0237  Punitive damages; pleading; burden of proof.

400.0238  Punitive damages; limitation.

400.0239  Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund.

400.0255  Resident transfer or discharge; requirements and procedures; hearings.

400.051  Homes or institutions exempt from the provisions of this part.

400.062  License required; fee; disposition; display; transfer.

400.0625  Minimum standards for clinical laboratory test results and diagnostic X-ray results.

400.063  Resident Protection Trust Fund.

400.071  Application for license.

400.0712  Application for inactive license.

400.102  Action by agency against licensee; grounds.

400.111  Expiration of license; renewal.

400.118  Quality assurance; early warning system; monitoring; rapid response teams.

400.1183  Resident grievance procedures.

400.119  Confidentiality of records and meetings of risk management and quality assurance committees.

400.121  Denial, suspension, revocation of license; moratorium on admissions; administrative fines; procedure; order to increase staffing.

400.125  Injunction proceedings authorized.

400.126  Receivership proceedings.

400.141  Administration and management of nursing home facilities.

400.1413  Volunteers in nursing homes.

400.1415  Patient records; penalties for alteration.

400.142  Emergency medication kits; orders not to resuscitate.

400.145  Records of care and treatment of resident; copies to be furnished.

400.147  Internal risk management and quality assurance program.

400.148  Medicaid "Up-or-Out" Quality of Care Contract Management Program.

400.151  Contracts.

400.162  Property and personal affairs of residents.

400.165  Itemized resident billing, form and content prescribed by the agency.

400.17  Bribes, kickbacks, certain solicitations prohibited.

400.175  Patients with Alzheimer's disease or other related disorders; certain disclosures.

400.1755  Care for persons with Alzheimer's disease or related disorders.

400.176  Rebates prohibited; penalties.

400.179  Sale or transfer of ownership of a nursing facility; liability for Medicaid underpayments and overpayments.

400.18  Closing of nursing facility.

400.19  Right of entry and inspection.

400.191  Availability, distribution, and posting of reports and records.

400.195  Agency reporting requirements.

400.20  Licensed nursing home administrator required.

400.211  Persons employed as nursing assistants; certification requirement.

400.215  Personnel screening requirement.

400.23  Rules; evaluation and deficiencies; licensure status.

400.232  Review and approval of plans; fees and costs.

400.235  Nursing home quality and licensure status; Gold Seal Program.

400.241  Prohibited acts; penalties for violations.

400.25  Educational program authorized.

400.275  Agency duties.

400.33  Legislative intent; community-based care for the elderly.

400.332  Funds received not revenues for purpose of Medicaid program.

400.334  Activity relating to unions by nursing home employees.