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The Florida Statutes

The 2009 Florida Statutes

Title XXX
Chapter 409
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Chapter 409, Florida Statutes 2009





409.016  Definitions.

409.017  Revenue Maximization Act; legislative intent; revenue maximization program.

409.031  State agency for administering social service funds.

409.141  Equitable reimbursement methodology.

409.145  Care of children.

409.1451  Independent living transition services.

409.14511  Rulemaking authority to administer ch. 2005-179.

409.146  Children and families client and management information system.

409.147  Children's initiatives.

409.152  Service integration and family preservation.

409.153  Implementation of Healthy Families Florida program.

409.165  Alternate care for children.

409.166  Children within the child welfare system; adoption assistance program.

409.1663  Adoption benefits for qualifying adoptive employees of state agencies.

409.167  Statewide adoption exchange; establishment; responsibilities; registration requirements; rules.

409.1671  Foster care and related services; outsourcing.

409.1672  Incentives for department employees.

409.1673  Legislative findings; alternate care plans.

409.16745  Community partnership matching grant program.

409.1675  Lead community-based providers; receivership.

409.1676  Comprehensive residential group care services to children who have extraordinary needs.

409.1677  Model comprehensive residential services programs.

409.1679  Additional requirements, effective date, reimbursement methodology, and evaluation.

409.1685  Children in foster care; annual report to Legislature.

409.175  Licensure of family foster homes, residential child-caring agencies, and child-placing agencies; public records exemption.

409.1753  Foster care; duties.

409.1755  One Church, One Child of Florida Corporation Act; creation; duties.

409.1757  Persons not required to be refingerprinted or rescreened.

409.1758  Summer camp personnel; fingerprints not required for screening purposes.

409.176  Registration of residential child-caring agencies and family foster homes.

409.179  Family-friendly workplace initiative.

409.212  Optional supplementation.

409.221  Consumer-directed care program.

409.2355  Programs for prosecution of males over age 21 who commit certain offenses involving girls under age 16.

409.2551  Legislative intent.

409.2554  Definitions; ss. 409.2551-409.2598.

409.2557  State agency for administering child support enforcement program.

409.25575  Support enforcement; privatization.

409.2558  Support distribution and disbursement.

409.2559  State disbursement unit.

409.256  Administrative proceeding to establish paternity or paternity and child support; order to appear for genetic testing.

409.2561  Support obligations when public assistance is paid; assignment of rights; subrogation; medical and health insurance information.

409.2563  Administrative establishment of child support obligations.

409.25635  Determination and collection of noncovered medical expenses.

409.2564  Actions for support.

409.25641  Procedures for processing interstate enforcement requests.

409.2565  Publication of delinquent obligors.

409.25656  Garnishment.

409.25657  Requirements for financial institutions.

409.25658  Use of unclaimed property for past due support.

409.25659  Insurance claim data exchange.

409.25661  Public records exemption for insurance claim data exchange information.

409.2567  Services to individuals not otherwise eligible.

409.2569  Continuation of support services for recipients of public assistance when benefits are terminated.

409.257  Service of process.

409.2571  Court and witness fees; bond.

409.2572  Cooperation.

409.2574  Income deduction enforcement in Title IV-D cases.

409.2575  Liens on motor vehicles and vessels.

409.2576  State Directory of New Hires.

409.2577  Parent locator service.

409.2578  Access to employment information; administrative fine.

409.2579  Safeguarding Title IV-D case file information.

409.2581  Use of clearing accounts and revolving funds.

409.2584  Interest on obligations due; waiver.

409.259  Filing fees in Title IV-D cases; electronic filing of pleadings, returns of service, and other papers.

409.2594  Record requirements.

409.2597  Retention of actions.

409.2598  License suspension proceeding to enforce support order.

409.2599  Data processing services; interagency agreement.

409.25995  State Title IV-D agency; contracts.

409.2673  Shared county and state health care program for low-income persons.

409.26731  Certification of local funds as state match for federally funded services.

409.2675  Rules.

409.285  Opportunity for hearing and appeal.

409.352  Licensing requirements for physicians, osteopathic physicians, and chiropractic physicians employed by the department.

409.401  Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

409.402  Financial responsibility for child.

409.403  Definitions; Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

409.404  Agreements between party state officers and agencies.

409.405  Court placement of delinquent children.

409.406  Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance.

409.407  Interstate agreements between the Department of Children and Family Services and agencies of other states.

409.408  Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children.

409.409  Effect of existing compact provisions.

409.4101  Rulemaking authority.

409.441  Runaway youth programs and centers.

409.508  Low-income home energy assistance program.

409.509  Definitions; weatherization of low-income residences.

409.5091  Department responsible for weatherizing agencies; energy assessment.

409.5092  Permission for weatherization; rules.

409.5093  Replacement agency.

409.801  Goal of Legislature; creation of Family Policy Act.

409.802  Provisions of Family Policy Act.

409.803  Shelter and foster care services to dependent children; pilot programs.

409.810  Short title.

409.811  Definitions relating to Florida Kidcare Act.

409.812  Program created; purpose.

409.813  Health benefits coverage; program components; entitlement and nonentitlement.

409.8132  Medikids program component.

409.8134  Program expenditure ceiling; enrollment.

409.8135  Behavioral health services.

409.814  Eligibility.

409.815  Health benefits coverage; limitations.

409.816  Limitations on premiums and cost-sharing.

409.817  Approval of health benefits coverage; financial assistance.

409.8175  Delivery of services in rural counties.

409.8177  Program evaluation.

409.818  Administration.

409.820  Quality assurance and access standards.

409.821  Florida Kidcare program public records exemption.

409.901  Definitions; ss. 409.901-409.920.

409.902  Designated single state agency; payment requirements; program title; release of medical records.

409.9021  Forfeiture of eligibility agreement.

409.9025  Eligibility while an inmate.

409.903  Mandatory payments for eligible persons.

409.904  Optional payments for eligible persons.

409.905  Mandatory Medicaid services.

409.906  Optional Medicaid services.

409.9062  Lung transplant services for Medicaid recipients.

409.9066  Medicare prescription discount program.

409.907  Medicaid provider agreements.

409.9071  Medicaid provider agreements for school districts certifying state match.

409.908  Reimbursement of Medicaid providers.

409.9081  Copayments.

409.9082  Quality assessment on nursing home facility providers; exemptions; purpose; federal approval required; remedies.

409.9083  Quality assessment on privately operated intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled; exemptions; purpose; federal approval required; remedies.

409.910  Responsibility for payments on behalf of Medicaid-eligible persons when other parties are liable.

409.9101  Recovery for payments made on behalf of Medicaid-eligible persons.

409.9102  A qualified state Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program in Florida.

409.911  Disproportionate share program.

409.9112  Disproportionate share program for regional perinatal intensive care centers.

409.9113  Disproportionate share program for teaching hospitals.

409.9115  Disproportionate share program for mental health hospitals.

409.91151  Expenditure of funds generated through mental health disproportionate share program.

409.9116  Disproportionate share/financial assistance program for rural hospitals.

409.9117  Primary care disproportionate share program.

409.9118  Disproportionate share program for specialty hospitals.

409.91188  Specialty prepaid health plans for Medicaid recipients with HIV or AIDS.

409.9119  Disproportionate share program for specialty hospitals for children.

409.91195  Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee.

409.91196  Supplemental rebate agreements; public records and public meetings exemption.

409.912  Cost-effective purchasing of health care.

409.91206  Alternatives for health and long-term care reforms.

409.91207  Medical home pilot project.

409.9121  Legislative findings and intent.

409.91211  Medicaid managed care pilot program.

409.91213  Quarterly progress reports and annual reports.

409.9122  Mandatory Medicaid managed care enrollment; programs and procedures.

409.9123  Quality-of-care reporting.

409.9124  Managed care reimbursement.

409.91255  Federally qualified health center access program.

409.9126  Children with special health care needs.

409.9127  Preauthorization and concurrent utilization review; conflict-of-interest standards.

409.9128  Requirements for providing emergency services and care.

409.913  Oversight of the integrity of the Medicaid program.

409.9131  Special provisions relating to integrity of the Medicaid program.

409.914  Assistance for the uninsured.

409.915  County contributions to Medicaid.

409.916  Grants and Donations Trust Fund.

409.918  Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund.

409.919  Rules.

409.920  Medicaid provider fraud.

409.9201  Medicaid fraud.

409.9203  Rewards for reporting Medicaid fraud.

409.9205  Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

409.9301  Pharmaceutical expense assistance.

409.942  Electronic benefit transfer program.

409.944  Inner City Redevelopment Assistance Grants Program.

409.945  Eligibility for grant proposals.

409.946  Inner City Redevelopment Review Panel.

409.953  Rulemaking authority for refugee assistance program.

409.9531  Services to immigrant survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and other serious crimes.