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The Florida Statutes

The 2007 Florida Statutes

Chapter 455
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Chapter 455, Florida Statutes 2007



455.01  Definitions.

455.017  Applicability of this chapter.

455.02  Members of Armed Forces in good standing with administrative boards.

455.10  Restriction on requirement of citizenship.

455.11  Qualification of immigrants for examination to practice a licensed profession or occupation.

455.116  Regulation trust funds.

455.117  Sale of services and information by department.

455.201  Professions and occupations regulated by department; legislative intent; requirements.

455.203  Department; powers and duties.

455.2035  Rulemaking authority for professions not under a board.

455.204  Long-range policy planning; plans, reports, and recommendations.

455.205  Contacting boards through department.

455.207  Boards; organization; meetings; compensation and travel expenses.

455.208  Publication of information.

455.209  Accountability and liability of board members.

455.211  Board rules; final agency action; challenges.

455.212  Education; substituting demonstration of competency for clock-hour requirements.

455.2121  Education; accreditation.

455.2123  Continuing education.

455.2124  Proration of or not requiring continuing education.

455.2125  Consultation with postsecondary education boards prior to adoption of changes to training requirements.

455.213  General licensing provisions.

455.214  Limited licenses.

455.217  Examinations.

455.2171  Use of professional testing services.

455.2175  Penalty for theft or reproduction of an examination.

455.2177  Monitoring of compliance with continuing education requirements.

455.2178  Continuing education providers.

455.2179  Continuing education provider and course approval; cease and desist orders.

455.218  Foreign-trained professionals; special examination and license provisions.

455.2185  Exemption for certain out-of-state or foreign professionals; limited practice permitted.

455.219  Fees; receipts; disposition; periodic management reports.

455.221  Legal and investigative services.

455.2226  Funeral directors and embalmers; instruction on HIV and AIDS.

455.2228  Barbers and cosmetologists; instruction on HIV and AIDS.

455.223  Power to administer oaths, take depositions, and issue subpoenas.

455.2235  Mediation.

455.224  Authority to issue citations.

455.225  Disciplinary proceedings.

455.2255  Classification of disciplinary actions.

455.227  Grounds for discipline; penalties; enforcement.

455.2273  Disciplinary guidelines.

455.2275  Penalty for giving false information.

455.2277  Prosecution of criminal violations.

455.228  Unlicensed practice of a profession; cease and desist notice; civil penalty; enforcement; citations; allocation of moneys collected.

455.2281  Unlicensed activities; fees; disposition.

455.2285  Annual report concerning finances, administrative complaints, disciplinary actions, and recommendations.

455.2286  Automated information system.

455.229  Public inspection of information required from applicants; exceptions; examination hearing.

455.232  Disclosure of confidential information.

455.24  Advertisement by a veterinarian of free or discounted services; required statement.

455.242  Veterinarians; disposition of records of deceased practitioners or practitioners relocating or terminating practice.

455.243  Authority to inspect.

455.245  Veterinarians; immediate suspension of license.

455.271  Inactive and delinquent status.

455.273  Renewal and cancellation notices.

455.275  Address of record.

455.32  Management Privatization Act.