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The Florida Statutes

The 2007 Florida Statutes

Chapter 631
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Chapter 631, Part I, Florida Statutes 2007



631.001  Title, construction, and purpose.

631.011  Definitions.

631.015  Reciprocity; treatment of policyholders.

631.021  Jurisdiction of delinquency proceeding; venue; change of venue; exclusiveness of remedy; appeal.

631.025  Persons subject to this part.

631.031  Initiation and commencement of delinquency proceeding.

631.041  Automatic stay; relief from stay; injunctions.

631.042  Extension of time.

631.051  Grounds for rehabilitation; domestic insurers.

631.0515  Appointment of receiver; insurance holding company.

631.061  Grounds for liquidation.

631.071  Grounds for conservation; foreign insurers.

631.081  Grounds for conservation; alien insurers.

631.091  Grounds for ancillary liquidation; foreign insurers.

631.101  Order of rehabilitation; termination.

631.111  Order of liquidation; domestic insurers.

631.112  Subordination of claims for noncooperation.

631.121  Order of liquidation; alien insurers.

631.131  Order of conservation or ancillary liquidation of foreign or alien insurers.

631.141  Conduct of delinquency proceeding; domestic and alien insurers.

631.152  Conduct of delinquency proceeding; foreign insurers.

631.153  Intervention; exclusiveness of claims procedure.

631.154  Funds, assets, or other property in the possession of third person.

631.155  Agents' balances; premiums and unearned commissions.

631.156  Investigation by the department; scope of authority; sharing of materials.

631.157  Civil action by the receiver.

631.161  Claims of nonresidents against insurers domiciled in this state.

631.171  Claims of residents against insurers domiciled in reciprocal states.

631.181  Filing and proof of claim.

631.182  Receiver claims report and claimants objections procedure.

631.191  Special deposit claims and secured claims.

631.192  Allowance of certain claims.

631.193  Releases.

631.201  Attachment and garnishment of assets.

631.205  Reinsurance proceeds.

631.206  Arbitration.

631.221  Deposit of moneys collected.

631.231  Exemption from fees.

631.241  Borrowing on pledge of assets.

631.251  Date rights fixed on liquidation.

631.252  Continuation of coverage.

631.261  Voidable transfers.

631.262  Transfers prior to petition.

631.263  Transfers after petition.

631.271  Priority of claims.

631.281  Offsets.

631.311  Report and petition for assessment.

631.321  Order and levy of assessment.

631.331  Assessment prima facie correct; notice; payment; proceeding to collect.

631.341  Notice of insolvency to policyholders by insurer, general agent, or agent.

631.361  Seizure under court order.

631.371  Seizure under order of the department.

631.391  Cooperation of officers and employees.

631.3915  Actions for damages.

631.392  Immunity.

631.395  Guaranty fund; orders of court.

631.397  Use of certain marshaled assets.

631.398  Prevention of insolvencies.

631.399  Receiver's right to recover distributions made to affiliate.