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May 16, 2021
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The Florida Statutes

The 2009 Florida Statutes

Title XLVI
Chapter 817
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Chapter 817, Part I, Florida Statutes 2009



817.02  Obtaining property by false personation.

817.021  False information to obtain a seaport security identification card.

817.025  Home or private business invasion by false personation; penalties.

817.03  Making false statement to obtain property or credit.

817.031  Making false statements; venue of prosecution.

817.034  Florida Communications Fraud Act.

817.037  Fraudulent refunds.

817.05  False statements to merchants as to financial condition.

817.06  Misleading advertisements prohibited; penalty.

817.061  Misleading solicitation of payments prohibited.

817.08  Receiving money or property upon false promises of services as seaman or sponge fisher.

817.11  Obtaining property by fraudulent promise to furnish inside information.

817.12  Penalty for violation of s. 817.11.

817.13  Paraphernalia as evidence of violation of s. 817.11.

817.14  Procuring assignments of produce upon false representations.

817.15  Making false entries, etc., on books of corporation.

817.155  Matters within jurisdiction of Department of State; false, fictitious, or fraudulent acts, statements, and representations prohibited; penalty; statute of limitations.

817.16  False reports, etc., by officers of banks, trust companies, etc., with intent to defraud.

817.17  Wrongful use of city name.

817.18  Wrongful stamping, marking, etc.; penalty.

817.19  Fraudulent issue of certificate of stock of corporation.

817.20  Issuing stock or obligation of corporation beyond authorized amount.

817.21  Books to be evidence in such cases.

817.22  Making false invoice to defraud insurer.

817.23  Making false affidavit to defraud insurer.

817.233  Burning to defraud the insurer.

817.234  False and fraudulent insurance claims.

817.2341  False or misleading statements or supporting documents; penalty.

817.235  Personal property; removing or altering identification marks.

817.236  False and fraudulent motor vehicle insurance application.

817.2361  False or fraudulent proof of motor vehicle insurance.

817.24  Unlawful to add or alter or deface existing brand.

817.25  Fraudulently marking or branding.

817.26  Fraudulently changing marks on animal.

817.28  Fraudulent obtaining of property by gaming.

817.29  Cheating.

817.30  Punishment for unlawful use of badge of certain orders and organizations.

817.31  Unlawful use of insignia of American Legion; penalty.

817.311  Unlawful use of badges, etc.

817.32  Fraudulent operation of coin-operated devices.

817.33  Manufacture, etc., of slugs to be used in coin-operated devices prohibited.

817.34  False entries and statements by investment companies offering stock or security for sale.

817.35  Sale of cemetery lots or mausoleum space; promises.

817.355  Fraudulent creation or possession of admission ticket.

817.357  Purchase of tickets.

817.36  Resale of tickets.

817.361  Resale of multiday or multievent ticket.

817.37  Touting; defining; providing punishment; ejection from racetracks.

817.38  Simulated process.

817.39  Simulated forms of court or legal process, or official seal or stationery; publication, sale or circulation unlawful; penalty.

817.40  False, misleading and deceptive advertising and sales; definitions.

817.41  Misleading advertising prohibited.

817.411  False information; advertising.

817.4115  False, deceptive, or misleading advertisement of live musical performances.

817.412  Sale of used goods as new; penalty.

817.413  Sale of used motor vehicle goods as new; penalty.

817.415  Florida Free Gift Advertising Law.

817.416  Franchises and distributorships; misrepresentations.

817.43  Exemption.

817.44  Intentional false advertising prohibited.

817.45  Penalty.

817.47  Insurance advertising exempt.

817.481  Credit cards; obtaining goods by use of false, expired, etc.; penalty.

817.482  Possessing or transferring device for theft of telecommunications service; concealment of destination of telecommunications service.

817.4821  Cellular telephone counterfeiting offenses.

817.483  Transmission or publication of information regarding schemes, devices, means, or methods for theft of communication services.

817.484  Obtaining telephone calling records by fraudulent means prohibited.

817.487  Telephone caller identification systems.

817.49  False reports of commission of crimes; penalty.

817.50  Fraudulently obtaining goods, services, etc., from a health care provider.

817.505  Patient brokering prohibited; exceptions; penalties.

817.51  Obtaining groceries, retail poultry, dairy, bakery, and other retail products; intent to defraud.

817.52  Obtaining vehicles with intent to defraud, failing to return hired vehicle, or tampering with mileage device of hired vehicle.

817.53  False charges for radio and television repairs and parts; penalty.

817.54  Obtaining of mortgage, mortgage note, promissory note, etc., by false representation.

817.545  Mortgage fraud.

817.55  Tourist attraction advertisement; misleading use of the word "free."

817.554  Fraudulently offering for sale tour or travel-related services.

817.558  Water-treatment devices.

817.559  Television picture tube labels; definitions.

817.56  Misrepresentations of television picture tubes prohibited, penalty; definitions.

817.561  Violations may be enjoined.

817.5615  Marks required on optical discs; prohibited acts; penalties.

817.562  Fraud involving a security interest.

817.5621  Unlawful subleasing of a motor vehicle.

817.563  Controlled substance named or described in s. 893.03; sale of substance in lieu thereof.

817.564  Imitation controlled substances defined; possession and distribution prohibited.

817.565  Urine testing, fraudulent practices; penalties.

817.566  Misrepresentation of association with, or academic standing at, postsecondary educational institution.

817.567  Making false claims of academic degree or title.

817.568  Criminal use of personal identification information.

817.5681  Breach of security concerning confidential personal information in third-party possession; administrative penalties.

817.569  Criminal use of a public record or public records information; penalties.