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The Florida Statutes

The 2009 Florida Statutes

Chapter 943
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Chapter 943, Florida Statutes 2009



943.01  Short title.

943.02  Definitions.

943.03  Department of Law Enforcement.

943.031  Florida Violent Crime and Drug Control Council.

943.03101  Counter-terrorism coordination.

943.0311  Chief of Domestic Security; duties of the department with respect to domestic security.

943.0312  Regional domestic security task forces.

943.0313  Domestic Security Oversight Council.

943.0314  Public records and public meetings exemptions; Domestic Security Oversight Council.

943.032  Financial Crime Analysis Center and Financial Transaction Database.

943.0321  The Florida Domestic Security and Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Center and the Florida Domestic Security and Counter-Terrorism Database.

943.04  Criminal Justice Investigations and Forensic Science Program; creation; investigative, forensic, and related authority.

943.041  Crimes Against Children Criminal Profiling Program.

943.042  Violent Crime Investigative Emergency and Drug Control Strategy Implementation Account.

943.043  Toll-free telephone number; Internet notification; sexual predator and sexual offender information.

943.0435  Sexual offenders required to register with the department; penalty.

943.04351  Search of registration information regarding sexual predators and sexual offenders required prior to appointment or employment.

943.04352  Search of registration information regarding sexual predators and sexual offenders required when placement on misdemeanor probation.

943.04353  Triennial study of sexual predator and sexual offender registration and notification procedures.

943.04354  Removal of the requirement to register as a sexual offender or sexual predator in special circumstances.

943.0436  Duty of the court to uphold laws governing sexual predators and sexual offenders.

943.0437  Commercial social networking websites.

943.045  Definitions; ss. 943.045-943.08.

943.046  Notification of criminal offender information.

943.05  Criminal Justice Information Program; duties; crime reports.

943.051  Criminal justice information; collection and storage; fingerprinting.

943.0515  Retention of criminal history records of minors.

943.052  Disposition reporting.

943.0525  Criminal justice information systems; use by state and local agencies.

943.053  Dissemination of criminal justice information; fees.

943.0535  Aliens, criminal records.

943.054  Exchange of federal criminal history records and information.

943.0542  Access to criminal history information provided by the department to qualified entities.

943.0543  National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact; ratification and implementation.

943.0544  Criminal justice information network and information management.

943.055  Records and audit.

943.056  Access to, review and challenge of, criminal history records.

943.057  Access to criminal justice information for research or statistical purposes.

943.0575  Public access to records.

943.0581  Administrative expunction.

943.0582  Prearrest, postarrest, or teen court diversion program expunction.

943.0585  Court-ordered expunction of criminal history records.

943.059  Court-ordered sealing of criminal history records.

943.06  Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Systems Council.

943.08  Duties; Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Systems Council.

943.081  Public safety system information technology resources; guiding principles.

943.085  Legislative intent with respect to upgrading the quality of law enforcement officers and correctional officers.

943.09  Criminal Justice Professionalism Program.

943.10  Definitions; ss. 943.085-943.255.

943.11  Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission; membership; meetings; compensation.

943.12  Powers, duties, and functions of the commission.

943.125  Law enforcement agency accreditation.

943.13  Officers' minimum qualifications for employment or appointment.

943.131  Temporary employment or appointment; minimum basic recruit training exemption.

943.132  Implementation of federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004.

943.133  Responsibilities of employing agency, commission, and program with respect to compliance with employment qualifications and the conduct of background investigations; injunctive relief.

943.134  Release of employee information by employers.

943.135  Requirements for continued employment.

943.137  Establishment of qualifications and standards above the minimum.

943.139  Notice of employment, appointment, or separation; response by the officer; duty of commission.

943.1395  Certification for employment or appointment; concurrent certification; reemployment or reappointment; inactive status; revocation; suspension; investigation.

943.1397  Officer certification examinations; fee.

943.14  Commission-certified criminal justice training schools; certificates and diplomas; exemptions; injunctive relief; fines.

943.146  Securing of copyrights by the department and sale of department work products.

943.16  Payment of tuition or officer certification examination fee by employing agency; reimbursement of tuition, other course expenses, wages, and benefits.

943.17  Basic recruit, advanced, and career development training programs; participation; cost; evaluation.

943.1701  Uniform statewide policies and procedures; duty of the commission.

943.1702  Collection of statistics on domestic violence.

943.171  Basic skills training in handling domestic violence cases.

943.1715  Basic skills training relating to diverse populations.

943.1716  Continued employment training relating to diverse populations.

943.1717  Use of dart-firing stun guns.

943.172  Basic skills training in victims assistance and rights.

943.1725  Basic skills training on human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

943.1728  Basic skills training relating to the protection of archaeological sites.

943.1729  Skills training relating to community policing.

943.17291  Basic skills training in juvenile sexual offender investigation.

943.17295  Continued employment training relating to juvenile sexual offender investigation.

943.17296  Training in identifying and investigating elder abuse and neglect.

943.173  Examinations; administration; materials not public records; disposal of materials.

943.175  Inservice training.

943.1755  Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute.

943.1757  Criminal justice executives; training; policy report.

943.1758  Curriculum revision for diverse populations; skills training.

943.18  Compensation and benefits study; recommendation.

943.19  Saving clause.

943.22  Salary incentive program for full-time officers.

943.25  Criminal justice trust funds; source of funds; use of funds.

943.253  Exemption; elected officers.

943.255  Effect of chs. 80-71 and 81-24 on prior rules and administrative proceedings.

943.256  Criminal justice selection centers; creation.

943.2561  Definitions.

943.2562  Advisory boards.

943.2563  Advisory board organization; center oversight.

943.2564  Center supervision; role of directing school or directing agency.

943.2565  Centralized information centers on prospective employment candidates.

943.2566  Promotions; feasibility study to establish pool of evaluators to assess qualifications.

943.2567  Operation and administration accounts; annual budget.

943.2568  Advisory boards; expense reimbursement.

943.257  Independent audit documentation subject to inspection.

943.31  Legislative intent.

943.32  Statewide criminal analysis laboratory system.

943.325  DNA database.

943.3251  Postsentencing DNA testing.

943.33  State-operated criminal analysis laboratories.

943.34  Powers and duties of department in relation to state-operated laboratories.

943.35  Funding for existing laboratories.

943.36  Submission of annual budget.

943.361  Statewide criminal analysis laboratory system; funding through fine surcharges.

943.362  Forfeiture and Investigative Support Trust Fund.

943.365  Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

943.366  Federal Grants Trust Fund.

943.367  Administrative Trust Fund.

943.37  Option to become state-operated laboratory; operational control.

943.401  Public assistance fraud.

943.402  Criminal justice program.

943.403  Rulemaking; criminal justice program.

943.44353  Automatic notification of registration information regarding sexual predators and offenders.

943.60  Definitions.

943.601  Preservation of legislative powers.

943.61  Powers and duties of the Capitol Police.

943.611  Director of Capitol Police.

943.62  Investigations by the Capitol Police.

943.63  Arrest by the Capitol Police.

943.64  Ex officio agents.

943.66  Rules; Facilities Program, Capitol Police; traffic regulation.

943.67  Equipment.

943.68  Transportation and protective services.

943.681  Capitol Police program; funding.

943.685  Authority to purchase good will and promotional materials.

943.686  Unauthorized use of Department of Law Enforcement emblems or names prohibited.