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April 16, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Title IX
Chapter 102
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F.S. 102.014
102.014 Poll worker recruitment and training.
(1) The supervisor of elections shall conduct training for inspectors, clerks, and deputy sheriffs prior to each primary, general, and special election for the purpose of instructing such persons in their duties and responsibilities as election officials. The Division of Elections shall develop a statewide uniform training curriculum for poll workers, and each supervisor shall use such curriculum in training poll workers. A certificate may be issued by the supervisor of elections to each person completing such training. No person shall serve as an inspector, clerk, or deputy sheriff for an election unless such person has completed the training as required. A clerk may not work at the polls unless he or she demonstrates a working knowledge of the laws and procedures relating to voter registration, voting system operation, balloting and polling place procedures, and problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills.
(2) A person who has attended previous training conducted within 2 years before the election may be appointed by the supervisor to fill a vacancy on an election board. If no person with prior training is available to fill such vacancy, the supervisor of elections may fill such vacancy in accordance with the provisions of subsection (3) from among persons who have not received the training required by this section.
(3) In the case of absence or refusal to act on the part of any inspector or clerk, the supervisor shall appoint a replacement who meets the qualifications prescribed in s. 102.012(2). The inspector or clerk so appointed shall be a member of the same political party as the clerk or inspector whom he or she replaces.
(4) Each supervisor of elections shall be responsible for training inspectors and clerks, subject to the following minimum requirements:
(a) No clerk shall be entitled to work at the polls unless he or she has had a minimum of 3 hours of training prior to each election.
(b) No inspector shall work at the polls unless he or she has had a minimum of 2 hours of training prior to each election.
(5) The Department of State shall create a uniform polling place procedures manual and adopt the manual by rule. Each supervisor of elections shall ensure that the manual is available in hard copy or electronic form in every polling place. The manual shall guide inspectors, clerks, and deputy sheriffs in the proper implementation of election procedures and laws. The manual shall be indexed by subject, and written in plain, clear, unambiguous language. The manual shall provide specific examples of common problems encountered at the polls and detail specific procedures for resolving those problems. The manual shall include, without limitation:
(a) Regulations governing solicitation by individuals and groups at the polling place;
(b) Procedures to be followed with respect to voters whose names are not on the precinct register;
(c) Proper operation of the voting system;
(d) Ballot handling procedures;
(e) Procedures governing spoiled ballots;
(f) Procedures to be followed after the polls close;
(g) Rights of voters at the polls;
(h) Procedures for handling emergency situations;
(i) Procedures for dealing with irate voters;
(j) The handling and processing of provisional ballots; and
(k) Security procedures.

The Department of State shall revise the manual as necessary to address new procedures in law or problems encountered by voters and poll workers at the precincts.

(6) Supervisors of elections shall work with the business and local community to develop public-private programs to ensure the recruitment of skilled inspectors and clerks.
(7) The Department of State shall develop a mandatory, statewide, and uniform program for training poll workers on issues of etiquette and sensitivity with respect to voters having a disability. The program must be conducted locally by each supervisor of elections, and each poll worker must complete the program before working during the current election cycle. The supervisor of elections shall contract with a recognized disability-related organization, such as a center for independent living, family network on disabilities, deaf service bureau, or other such organization, to develop and assist with training the trainers in the disability sensitivity programs. The program must include actual demonstrations of obstacles confronted by disabled persons during the voting process, including obtaining access to the polling place, traveling through the polling area, and using the voting system.
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