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October 7, 2022
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The Florida Statutes

The 2022 Florida Statutes

Chapter 633
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F.S. 633.416
633.416 Firefighter employment and volunteer firefighter service; saving clause.
(1) A fire service provider may not employ an individual to:
(a) Extinguish fires for the protection of life or property or to supervise individuals who perform such services unless the individual holds a current and valid Firefighter Certificate of Compliance. However, a person who is currently serving as a volunteer firefighter and holds a volunteer firefighter certificate of completion with a fire service provider, who is then employed as a regular or permanent firefighter by such fire service provider, may function, for a period of 1 year under the direct supervision of an individual holding a valid Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, in the same capacity in which he or she acted as a volunteer firefighter, provided that he or she has completed all training required by the volunteer organization. Under no circumstance can this period extend beyond 1 year either collectively or consecutively from the start of employment to obtain a Firefighter Certificate of Compliance; or
(b) Serve as the administrative and command head of a fire service provider for a period in excess of 1 year unless the individual holds a current and valid Firefighter Certificate of Compliance or Special Certificate of Compliance.
(2) A fire service provider may not retain the services of an individual volunteering to extinguish fires for the protection of life or property or to supervise individuals who perform such services unless the individual holds a current and valid Volunteer Firefighter Certificate of Completion.
(3)(a) A fire service provider must make a diligent effort to determine whether the individual has a current and valid certificate before employing or retaining an individual for the services under subsection (1) or subsection (2), including making a determination of whether the requirements set forth in s. 633.414 have been fulfilled.
(b) For the purposes of this subsection, the term “diligent effort” means contacting at least three of the individual’s previous employers to obtain her or his dates of employment and contacting the division to determine the certification status of the individual.
(4)(a) A fire service provider must notify the division electronically, as directed by rule by the division, within 10 days after:
1. The hiring of a firefighter.
2. The retention of a volunteer firefighter.
3. The cessation of employment of a firefighter.
4. A decision not to retain a volunteer firefighter.
(b) Notification under paragraph (a) must include:
1. The individual’s name.
2. The date on which he or she was hired or retained.
3. The last date of employment or retention before leaving the fire service provider.
4. Any other information deemed necessary by the division to determine compliance with ss. 633.414 and 633.426.
(5) If the fire service provider makes a determination that an individual has not met the requirements set forth in s. 633.414(1), the fire service provider must notify the division in writing within 10 days after making that determination.
(6) The division may conduct site visits to fire departments to monitor compliance with this section.
(7) For purposes of this section, the term “employ” means to pay an individual a salary, wage, or other compensation for the performance of work. The term does not include the payment of expenses, reasonable benefits, a nominal fee, or a combination thereof to a volunteer for a public or private fire service provider who is only paid in a manner that would be authorized for a volunteer under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, 29 U.S.C. ss. 201 et seq., and its implementing rules.
(8) Firefighters employed on July 5, 1969, are not required to meet the provisions of ss. 633.408 and 633.412 as a condition of tenure or continued employment, and their failure to fulfill such requirements does not make them ineligible for any promotional examination for which they are otherwise eligible or affect in any way any pension rights to which they may be entitled on July 5, 1969.
History.s. 15, ch. 69-323; s. 1, ch. 75-151; s. 26, ch. 89-233; s. 10, ch. 2000-333; s. 62, ch. 2013-183; s. 29, ch. 2021-113.
Note.Former s. 163.525; s. 633.41.