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June 15, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 651
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F.S. 651.026
651.026 Annual reports.
(1) Annually, on or before May 1, the provider shall file an annual report and such other information and data showing its condition as of the last day of the preceding calendar year, except as provided in subsection (5). If the office does not receive the required information on or before May 1, a late fee may be charged pursuant to s. 651.015(2)(c). The office may approve an extension of up to 30 days.
(2) The annual report shall be in such form as the commission prescribes and shall contain at least the following:
(a) Any change in status with respect to the information required to be filed under s. 651.022(2).
(b) A financial report audited by an independent certified public accountant which must contain, for two or more periods if the facility has been in existence that long, all of the following:
1. An accountant’s opinion and, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles:
a. A balance sheet;
b. A statement of income and expenses;
c. A statement of equity or fund balances; and
d. A statement of changes in cash flows.
2. Notes to the financial report considered customary or necessary for full disclosure or adequate understanding of the financial report, financial condition, and operation.
3. If the provider’s financial statements are consolidated or combined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles with the financial statements of additional entities owned or controlled by the provider, as supplemental information a separate balance sheet, statement of income and expenses, statement of equity or fund balances, and statement of changes in cash flows for the individual provider and each additional entity included in the consolidated or combined financial report.
4. If the provider is a member of an obligated group, the obligated group’s audited financial statements if they contain as supplemental information a separate balance sheet, statement of income and expenses, statement of equity or fund balances, and statement of changes in cash flows for the individual provider and other members of the obligated group.
(c) The following financial information:
1. A detailed listing of the assets maintained in the liquid reserve as required under s. 651.035 and in accordance with part II of chapter 625;
2. A schedule giving additional information relating to property, plant, and equipment having an original cost of at least $25,000, so as to show in reasonable detail with respect to each separate facility original costs, accumulated depreciation, net book value, appraised value or insurable value and date thereof, insurance coverage, encumbrances, and net equity of appraised or insured value over encumbrances. Any property not used in continuing care must be shown separately from property used in continuing care;
3. The level of participation in Medicare or Medicaid programs, or both;
4. A statement of all fees required of residents, including, but not limited to, a statement of the entrance fee charged, the monthly service charges, the proposed application of the proceeds of the entrance fee by the provider, and the plan by which the amount of the entrance fee is determined if the entrance fee is not the same in all cases;
5. Any change or increase in fees if the provider changes the scope of, or the rates for, care or services, regardless of whether the change involves the basic rate or only those services available at additional costs to the resident;
6. If the provider has more than one certificated facility, or has operations that are not licensed under this chapter, it shall submit a balance sheet, statement of income and expenses, statement of equity or fund balances, and statement of cash flows for each facility licensed under this chapter as supplemental information to the audited financial report required under paragraph (b); and
7. The management’s calculation of the provider’s debt service coverage ratio, occupancy, and days cash on hand for the current reporting period.
(d) Such other reasonable data, financial statements, and pertinent information as the commission or office may require with respect to the provider or the facility, or its directors, trustees, members, branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates, to determine the financial status of the facility and the management capabilities of its managers and owners.
(e) Each facility shall file with the office annually, together with the annual report required by this section, a computation of its minimum liquid reserve calculated in accordance with s. 651.035 on a form prescribed by the commission.
(f) If, due to a change in generally accepted accounting principles, the balance sheet, statement of income and expenses, statement of equity or fund balances, or statement of cash flows is known by any other name or title, the annual report must contain financial statements using the changed names or titles that most closely correspond to a balance sheet, statement of income and expenses, statement of equity or fund balances, and statement of changes in cash flows.
(3) The commission shall adopt by rule additional measures of assessing the financial viability of a provider.
(4) If the provider is an individual, the annual statement shall be sworn to by him or her; if a limited partnership, by the general partner; if a partnership other than a limited partnership, by all the partners; if any other unincorporated association, by all its members or officers and directors; if a trust, by all its trustees and officers; and, if a corporation, by the president and secretary thereof.
(5) A provider may declare at the time of application a fiscal year other than the calendar year, and may use such fiscal year for its accounting period. A provider may subsequently adopt a fiscal year upon providing the office with a copy of the Internal Revenue Service approval of such change, if such approval is required. The annual report filing with the office must be made within 120 days of the last day of the fiscal year of the provider.
(6) The workpapers, account analyses, descriptions of basic assumptions, and other information necessary for a full understanding of the annual statement of a provider as filed with the office shall be made available for visual inspection by the office at the facility or, if the office requests, at another agreed-upon site. Photocopies may not be made unless consented to by the provider.
(7) A filing fee in the amount of $100 shall accompany each annual report required by this section.
(8) All financial reports and any supplemental financial information submitted to the office shall be prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.
(9) The commission may by rule require all or part of the statements or filings required under this section to be submitted by electronic means in a computer-readable form compatible with the electronic data format specified by the commission.
(10) By August 1 of each year, the office shall publish on its website an annual industry report for the preceding calendar year which contains all of the following:
(a) The median days cash on hand for all providers.
(b) The median debt service coverage ratio for all providers.
(c) The median occupancy rate for all providers by setting, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and the entire facility.
(d) Documentation of the office’s compliance with the requirements in s. 651.105(1) relating to examination timeframes. The documentation must include the number of examinations completed in the preceding calendar year, the number of such examinations for which the report has been issued, and the percentage of all examinations completed within the statutorily required timeframes.
(e) The number of annual reports submitted to the office pursuant to this section in the preceding calendar year and the percentage of such reports that the office has reviewed in order to determine whether a regulatory action level event has occurred.
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